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Q: Had to replace 4 Left front tires due to defect. on 2006 Cadillac STS

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4 tires have been replaced and a 5th on way. Hear and feel whop, whop at low speeds and becomes more pronounced when braking. No lateral run out when braking. At 70 mph on highway a light vibration in steering wheel as if out of balance. Balancing and alignment checked out good. Wheel bearing is new. The struts are electronic according to vin #. Can they be faulty? If so how does one check?
i would look more at the rotors. that out of balance condition would be a start.

the front end needs to be checked for any loose parts. i dont believe you have 4 defective tires. you have a problem no one has found yet. get a shop to track it down for you.

Tire has a flat spot from storage or it is a deffective tire. . I would try to put wheels on from an other car like yours just to make sure not suspension problem.
Check your brake rotos too they may needs to be turned.
I bought the car just over 2 years old with 16500 miles on it. Originally at 23000 miles the L.F tire started to give "Whop Whop sound" I replaced it with a new one and at the same time rotated them. ie. put new tire on R. side.Rear tires are different size to front, so switched left to right. At 34000 miles again that L.H.tire did the same. That was an original tire and was replaced with new. Both of those new tires eventually produced the same sound. (They are Michelin's and they, Michelin, gave me 35% off each new tires I replaced tires 3 and 4 with.---Good will) One answer I was given to this problem could be due to the strut dampers. I tend to accept that explanation over that of the rotors as my dealership in early days did put good wheels on from another car which felt better. My understanding is that a faulty damper operation generates the fault over time. One other point is I feel NO Lateral runout from the rotors when braking.
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