Q: Had my car in for tire repair and tech recommended alignment. on 2007 Honda Civic

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Aside from seeking second opinion at another shop, is there a way to discern legitimate recommendation for alignment vs. money making scam?

Thanks so much for your help.
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Tires are look a book to a trained eye very easy to read exactly if a tire is worn due to caster, camber castor, tire pressure, suspension issues or toe set problems.
Check your tires for uneven wear such as an outer edge wearing out much faster than the rest of the tire. If your vechicle has the tendency to pull to the right or left when on a straight stretch of road. Also, if there is vibration you feel in the tires as you accelerate more and more.
Thank you Csubak. Your answer is consistent with what I came across on the internet. None of those symptoms showed up, so, I'm glad I held off on the alignment.