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Q: Had car checked because "Check Engine Light" was on. Sensor Codes Went Off Everywhere on 2001 Lexus RX300

Auto Zone checked the codes and here is what they found: 1)Air/Fuel ratio sensor circuit response malfunction(bank 2 sensor1) 2)Air/Fuel sensor circuit range/performance malfunction(bank 2 sensor 1) 3)Camshaft Position sensor (CMP) "A" circuit - Bank 1 4)OCV circuit malfunction (bank 2) 5) Heated Oxygen sensor - bank 1 sensor 2 (HO2S12) circuit malfunction 6) System Too Lean - bank 1 7) Air/Fule Ratio Sensor Heater circuit malfunction (bank 2 sensor1) Jeeeeez !! The car runs fine and idles fine. Whats the deal??
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when this happens at our shop, i copy the freeze frame data and clear the codes. i take it for a ride and watch for the first code to come back. that will be the primary failure sytem and most likely will cause a lot of the other codes.
you need a shop that is good with diags and can pin point your failure. the likelyhood of all these things failing at the same time is very low. usually one item will cause multiple failures.

Thanks for the info. I guess I need to buy a code reader. I simply can not afford to take it to a shop. I would have to park the car. How do you copy the data?
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I never see all these cods come on in a Lexus (some other manufactures get a load of codes when the computer fails but is accompanied by loads of drivability issues). I would erase the codes and see what comes back. Codes may be stored if some one was working on the car and had sensors disconnected and turned the key on. I would start by looking at a wiring diagram if all the codes came back and look for a common power supply or ground that is shared by all these sensors.
Thanks for the info. Not sure how to go about that. I do not have a place to work on my car and it is 11 degrees this morning. Should I park the car or do you think it would hurt to drive it?
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