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Q: Grinding Steering Wheel sound on 2004 Saturn Vue

I have found a few postings about this problem, but have not seen any answers as to why or how to Vue started having a grinding sound about three years after I bought it, and only in the cold weather. Long story short, it now makes the noise ALL the time. True, I haven't taken it into the dealer yet, but I just paid $1300 to replace the AC, the seat warmer on the driver's side is out, I need a break job, etc. So, wondering if there's any way that I could fix this problem myself. Question after that, if the answer is no, is how much is it going to cost?? Thanks!
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Here is some info from Technical Service Bulletin 04-09-41-005A
Working on or around the airbag system can be dangerous and the repair should be performed by a trained technician.

Some customers may comment on noise from the steering column and/or noise from behind the steering wheel when turning the steering wheel.
The inflatable restraint steering wheel module wires that go between the supplemental inflatable restraint (SIR) coil and the inflatable restraint steering wheel module are applying a downward force where the wires come out of the SIR coil. This force may be causing the top cover of the SIR coil to make contact with the SIR coil housing which creates a scraping noise. This force is primarily due to the routing of the wires during installation of the inflatable restraint steering wheel module.
On vehicles with this condition, follow the service procedure below to reposition the inflatable restraint steering wheel module wires in order to eliminate the noise condition.
This is the best reply I have read online. Bretb really does have something here! In doing a google search for this problem many ask this same question only to get the stupidest replies from those that should know better. The saturn vue has an electric motor for steering so there is no power steering fluid, power steering pump or belts to check. Their answers are like your basic mechanic that really doesnt listen. This noise is coming from the steering wheel column right behind the steering wheel. It is not a noise coming from outside the vehicle . If these mechanics are not knowledgeable with the saturn vue why are they offering advice at all. we dont need wrong advice. They need to go back to mechanic school and learn about the system used in a saturn vehicle.
Im not to sure on how to repair this? I also have a 2004 Saturn Vue and it also started out with a slight grinding or rubbing noise whenever I would turn left, in cold weather, but now it does it every time I turn left and it is getting louder. It is also getting harder to turn the steering wheel. In your post you say to " follow the service procedure below" but Im not sure what you ment by that. Any information would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.
And sorry for replying on your question but you are the only post I have seen that has explained everything the exact same way that it had happened to me.

This link helped me
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