Q: Grinding noise when front wheels are turned on 2003 Ford Explorer

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Own a 2003 Ford Explorer with a full time 4 wheel drive system, but has a lock mode and a two speed transfer case. While driving, when the front wheels are turned there is a loud grinding noise. It is very noticeable when you first take off from a stop and you turn the steering wheel. Two mechanics have checked it out and both say there is nothing wrong, but have not given the reason for the noise. I have had several 4x4 vehicles and have never experienced this in both 2 and 4 wheel drive settings. Does this have something to do with the differential action in the transfer case when the wheels are turned, or is there a problem in the drive train? When the wheels are staight ahead, there is no noise. The tires are the stock size, so I know they are not rubbing on something.
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I wanted to find out if you found out what this was caused from. I am having the same problem with my 2002 explorer. (
The fluid in the differential case needs to be replaced. same thing happened to my 2003 Explorer. Once fluid was replaced the sound and knocking was gone - ran like new.
I am having the same problem with my 03.. will this cause it to also eat gas?