Q: Grinding everyonce in awhile when starting on 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

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The truck starts everyday and runs fine..but it seems like every 10th or 12th start i will get a grinding noise (once or twice) then it will turn over and run fine. Could this problem be the starter? or the teeth?
The start did just get replaced.
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yeah it could be starter or teeth on flywheel (when it wont start roll while in gear to see if this fixes = flywheel damage)
USUALLY the grinding is from a weak soleniod or weak connection from battery to starter, causing the solenoid to push out the starting gear "short" causing the grinding which CAN damage the flywheel...
also the solonoid (on side of starter) could be going out (intermitent starting) and can usually be replaced without replacing starter. The chevy's have tendency to cause this as exhaust is near starter and a heat shield can help reduce this issue.

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