Q: GPS System on 2006 BMW 750Li

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My GPS DVD player just runs all the time as if it is reading a disc but I get an error message that it's no disc install. I took the disc out and still it runs. Any suggestions on replacing or repairing it.
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There is a software update to fix this problem. Most of the times it's not necessary to replace any parts, only to download the updated software version. You need to take your car to an independent BMW specialist or to the dealer because it requires an OE diagnostic computer.

Thank you Zee for the reply. Will buying a newer dvd version correct this issue. Can I just buy the 2011 NAV DVD?
No. Sorry, you might have misunderstand me. The update is for several components on the MOST network and has to be loaded through the fiber optic connection.
The NAV DVD does not includes these updates, only newer map and GPS info.