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Q: Got about 5 gals water in my fuel died after 15 miles ran great on 1997 Oldsmobile Bravada

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got towed home drain the water got spark, fuel pressure checked, timing checked, won`t start even sprayed starting fluid to try starting won`t do anything but crank over
Water is still in fuel system! Drain tank,,,,not unless you removed it you didn't!! Clean fuel lines, install new filter and most likely a NEW set of 'spark plugs! Got to get ALL the water out,........ "Think" about this; it was running ok,, got water in gas,,,now it won't run!!!!!
Thanks have a full tank,and dealing with all the ex`s bull he`s a lil b going try changing the plugs today
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agree you still have water in system. poss in lines remove fuel line and bleed fuel until its free of water then try starting again
Hi,tank got drained,injectors got cleaned, new plugs, wires, cap an rotor got spark and even spraying starting fluid won`t start it`s got the right pressure that was tested an the fuel smells like vinagire and didn`t freeze even at -18 below any other idea`s really stuck without my vehical put new fuel in it and got new fuel right up to the motor
How'd u get so much water in there? I must be missing something ,seems electrical , no injector pulse , check fuses..
didn`t post was the ex also trashed bobcat and beat horse`s up injector pulse was checked the man has no clue why it won`t start had his computer plugged in everything checked out
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