Q: Go in for a recall on my gas valve, end up getting a head gasket replaced. on 2005 Dodge Durango

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I recently had a recall on a gas valve in my car. I took my durango into the dodge dealer in crestview florida. The said they fixed the recall, but my EGR valve is bad. I asked them to fix that, but the called and said the bolt broke off into my head gasket. Is this possible? If it is possible they said they had to take the head off to get to the bolt and I have to have the head gasket replaced. Is this true? If it is shouldn't they have to replace it? They are the one's that broke the bolt off. The service guy told me it's not his fault that it is because I am from the north and we use salt on the road which caused he bolt to get rusted. I feel like I am being taken for I ride. I just wish I knew more about cars. Can any one help?
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What gas valve are you talking about? Is there any relation to the EGR Valve that was replaced?
Sometimes when working on vehicles with rusted bolts, this can happen. It's very unfortunate, and ideally when you see that this about to happen you try to stop and let the customer know before something breaks, but that's not always possible. Without seeing the vehicle and assessing the situation, it's hard to know if this was due to negligence or not. I would get a second opinion from another shop, have them look at the repair orders, see what was done, then have them look at the vehicle and see what they say.