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GMC Yukon XL Denali (10 Reviews)
2004 model. Had recall repair for hazard light activation instead of turn signals in use. Occasional hot air from passenger side dash vents instead of cold when AC in use. Service ride control message came on last year. Water pump failure this year causing engine light and hot coolant message. Other than that, four accidents cause by others and this SUV has protected me and my family fabulously! GM needs to spend more research on their electrical issues!!!
Nice vehicle for hauling a family and full load, lots of room. We bought our 2003 Yukon Denali brand new. Issues we have had with this car have been the following : 1. Replace the intake gaskets, very pricey fix about $1000 2. Instrument panel lights 3. Rear suspension auto levelling system went bad, installed aftermarket overload suspension to replace the auto level system 4. Leaks from power steering pump 5. Tire wear not even due to articulating wheels 6. Front steering issues due to worn ball joints and other worn items
We did not get any of the recall items sent to us from the manufacturer, there appears to be three recalls dating back to 2003 and 2004.
This vehicle cruises real nice down the highway, gas mileage not stunning we usually get 15 mpg in town and 17 mpg on highway, I have personally done all the oil changes except for one but we always used a synthetic blend oil. I don't think the Yukon Denali XL is worth the extra money spent to get it, compared to the regular Yukon XL, we had two YUKON XL and now this YUKON DENALI XL, the price difference quite a spread. I was satisfied with our vehicle but I would have been better off with the YUKON XL two wheel drive model.
I brought my 2001 Yukon XL Denali new and still drive it today. It has 183K+ and is still in what I would call excellent condition. I'm a mechanic and have done all of my own work after my warranty expired. Although, I've had many parts failures (2 x more than my 97 Chevy C1500 PU which I also still drives), I still would rate this vehicle as "good". The largest part replaced was front differential @ 70k good thing I purchased the extended warranty package. Then there is your normal parts that wear out as well as your service parts (tires, wiper blades, brake pads, rotors and park brake shoes, air & fuel filters, fuel pump, ect.) but I did have problems with water leaking in on passenger floor, an annoying squealing noise and engine serpentine belt wearing faster than normal which took a couple of years of going back and forth to dealer (vehicle under warranty) and they found nothing. So I decided after the warranty ended to T.S. myself and after changing about 3-4 tensioners I decided to buy a high quality tensioner that corrected the belt alinement & wear problem and replacing the A/C belt & tensioner took care of the squealing noise. I just found that the moon roof clogged drains where the culprit that allowed the water drain onto the pass. floor. I would recommend this vehicle.
I am very excited about this truck having drining it for 7 years now and beyong regular mantianance and hour pads - I did nothing to the rotors, until the 4th set of pads. I actually bought some high end rotors and pads and changed them myself. very easy and saved about $1,000. The only other change was the alternator and the air condition belt. Well, the heated steering, cruise control, no longer work and side mirror will not close. I bought this truck new with 45 miles on it and with 0ver 150,000 she still runs like new.
I will NEVER buy another GMC as long as I live.
I had trouble with it loosing power in the MIDDLE of the interstate. Like to have never got that fixed. The suspension light has been on since I bought it I've had that checked by different mechanics (couldn't find anything wrong) The check engine light has been on (had it put on machine to run diagnostics by different mechanics dealer and nondealer can't find anything and today the transmission went out. Yes it's 9 years old but my husbands Ford is 16 years old no problems. DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY on these vehicles!! I keep my vehicles maintenanced according to the manufacturer.I don't pull anything behind it, I live in north Mississippi no high mountains to cause strain on the transmission.
My wife loves this truck. Tried to trade it in for a car with better gas mileage....not a chance. You get spoiled in this vehicle. Rear defroster wire has come loose from rear windshield. Cruise control wiring issue. Cruise only comes on when you wiggle the wires under the dash with foot. Putting on third set of breaks right now at 82K miles and can't get passenger side rotor off. Willing to work through the issues. Friends say it sounds like a cigar boat when you stomp on the 6.2L monster under the hood. Takes me back to my high school days with headers and true duel exhaust. Love it!
Bought new in 2005. Unbelievable brakes. 151,000 miles on original rotors and pads. Changing them out only because I'm pulling a large trailer to Florida. Rotors true and no brake dust - ever. Seems to burn front lights frequently, but can change in minutes. Have changed oil prior to onboard computer recommendation and recently changed transmission fluid as well. No oil pressure or related issues. 60,000 miles on stock tires, 80,000 on Goodyear Fortera Tripletread. Great tire and on my second set. Biggest complaint is that all backlit lights on steering wheel are out as are those on part of the radio and various places throughout interior. Paint holding up great - still looks very nice. Anodized aluminum luggage racks have started to wear and much of the black is gone. Not very noticeable unless you're above the vehicle looking down. All in all a great vehicle that I plan to drive for quite a while.
Bought this new and have had no problems until last week. At 75,000 miles the front brakes were completely shot on the inside and almost new on the outside. The front left wheel bearing also went out. Other than that, have done nothing but basic maintenance.
I have had this car for 2 years with NO problems! I would buy a newer denali in the future!
Originally purchased this truck for myself. My wife drove it & liked it so much, it is now hers! Excellent vehicle. 33k on the clock and it runs like brand new. No major issues. Check regularly for brake/rotor wear. Just add gas & go!