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GMC Yukon XL 1500 (12 Reviews)
I love my big girl. will differntly purchase another.
2007 Yukon XL - Interior, second row seats when folded down, blocks rear cargo space and leaves a drop in the floor. Earlier models such as the 99 & 02 all seats folded down to open up the entire cargo space with a flat floor.
ABS brakes pulse and is noticeable while slowing down - 99 & 02 did not do this with the ABS brakes.
Had to replace drive train less than 100K miles and does not have the same power or torque with the towing package. 99 & 02 were great.
Running lights burn out quickly.
Had recall but wasn't published , had to replace some sort of oil pan - oil was leaking internally and not returning to oil pan or something like that.
Engine runs higher RPM when towing and not shifting properly.
Exhaust OK I guess no troubles yet.
Heating & Air OK no troubles yet
Suspension & Steering OK
I would suggest before you buy a used 2007 or newer GMC Yukon XL you go to Edwards website and check out the comments - lots of unhappy campers with Yukon XL problems.
on a cold start the oil gauge will go to 80 then drop to zero will stay on zero until 10 minutes or more of driving, then when I come to a stop it will jump to 80 and stay on 80. Please advise of possible problem and estimate repair cost. Thank you.
I have replaced my alternator, water pump and fuel pump and have had numerous issues with brakes and misalignment and the interior lights have gone out on the radio and door switches for the window. Maintence has been a expensive proposition I would buy something more reliable next time, but I love the size and power, but you pay a huge cost.
Under warranty fixed a gas tank sender unit, steering column rattle twice, wheel hub assembly, back rotars. Post warranty fixed the other wheel hub assembly, some electical problems, alternator, both front and back radio and today the rear window motor died. My 2003 is now 10 years old with 117K miles and I've gone about 16 months with no repairs. The initial quality was very diiapointing, I had some bad luck around 70K but from 70-117 has been decent. No better than acceptable to barely acceptable in terms of quality but I"m committed to running this car into the ground as it's worth nothing.
Paint wearing off front dash board and on radio knobs. Speedometer and other gauges go bad after time.
I love my truck. I have only had the odo fixed which was a recall. It is very reliable.
I absolutely love this truck. If I had to get a different one I would just go for a newer model.
Amazing vehicle...not much more that needs to be said.
This is a quality SUV for out of the city living. We work on many of these, and all of our customers love them. brakes can get quite expensive for repairs but should be expected with this size of vehicle.. Great for towing..(I use to tow my trailer) and comfortable for hauling many passengers. I give this SUV a 4/5 because of the cost of repairs.
this vehicle is very reliable and plush as well! The only con is the transmission for it needs to be maintained more than other vehicles. Bottom line, I would still recommend this vehicle to anyone!
Extremely impressed with this vehicle. I have owned a 96' 2001' models prior and this one SMOKES THEM ALL! The power is very very impressive and the 4x4 is equally impressive driving through snow and rain. My wife loves the auto start which even remembers on its own to engage heated seats and heat when starting with remote start. The nav and back up camera are very much appreciated options along with entertainment system for our little ones. BUY ONE....YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! PS; I traded in my Mercedez G500 for this Yukon and have never felt bad for doing it. LOVE THIS YUKON....