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GMC Yukon Denali (41 Reviews)
just hit 230,000 and had to replace the tranny. I've had this car 6 years now and it's been a beast! I drive all over, mainly in the mountains. One complaint is the gas cap. I've changed it many times now and it still triggers the check engine light!
Best transportation I had..until my engine turned off !!!! No one can help me find out how and why the info displayed " 0 hours left " when diagnostics was performed. No one can me with this problem. I'm just a single women and I need answers
I've had the vehicle for six months. It just went through its first inspection and it only needed tie rods. I consistently have check engine light issues with the gas cap and others that I am unaware of however the truck runs great. I recently installed an "innovative" power performance chip and you can definitely feel the boost . Has anyone installed a performance air intake system, if so is it worth it.
Semper Fi
Granted I am going off of my own personal 1999 Yukon Denali which had about 82,000 miles had a brand-new 350 crate motor put in it by Chevy before I bought it , I did change the exhaust with magna flow true dual plus highflown cats and a can and cool air intake I get fantastic power and considering the weight I get great gas mileage . Breaks I had met with this size and weight of vehicle the brakes could be larger , as far as electrical it has been known that the Denali will have some electrical problems concerning the windows ,Windshield wipers ,and stereo as they are connected together, the drivetrain is fantastic the first thing I did when I test drove the vehicle was taken out four wheeling it does come with two will hi for Wilhide four-wheel low and all-wheel-drive and is a fantastic four-wheel-drive system considering if you are in snow we're dealing with rain or icy roads four-wheel-drive my Dinali climbs incredibly, I love the interior the seats are fantastic considering I am on disability and do have chronic back pain the seats are very comfortable and make it possible for me to do long trips , the air-conditioning of the vehicle I have no complaints the controls for the back cool Authorware the vehicle break quickly and the Franckles off quickly as well considering I do live in southern Nevada in the desert and we do get 110 215° in the summer is still an all-around great vehicle , please you have to figure the 1999 Yukon Denali was painted black and had a Cadillac emblem placed on it and was called the Cadillac Escalade in 1999 , so if it's good enough to make a Cadillac out of its greatest far comfort as far as four-wheel-drive and you're climbing or harsh weather such as mud or snow or ice the four-wheel-drive system is better than that of the Tahoe like I said I'm going by my personal vehicle , and I never really liked GMC or big on Chevy except for the cars until I bought my Yukon Denali . But one should consider before you spend the tens of thousands or $100,000 on a Cadillac Escalade look at a Yukon Denali first, you get the comfort of Cadillac but you get the durability and the drivetrain of an awesome four-wheel-drive.
I purchased the pickup new. You could add all the vehicles that I have owned in the past 37 years where the headlights burnt out or failed due to any electrical problems and would find that this truck has burned far more lamps than the past 37 years. The lamps have been changed each time with factory specification lamps. Mainly Daytime running lights and low beams.A number of dash light have burnt out.
Another frustrating item is dash light changing intensity or even going out completely. Why no Recall on there Electrical System? Give me a good reason to stay brand loyal if they wont fix there problems!
Bought this vehicle used and love it. A smooth, luxurious ride. Our favorite things: Sturdy suspension, all-wheel drive has ruined us for ever having a vehicle with front-wheel, and the rubber mats are a quick clean-up fix. Only thing that has been a small let down- the dashboard cracked at 64,000 miles. I believe the weight of the speaker in the dashboard was just too much. If the dash were braced more adequately, this probably wouldn't have happened. All-in-all, this has been a dream vehicle.
Bought my 05' Denali new and it now has 99,100 miles on it. It's been a great SUV but it might be showing issues now. 1) I hate the fact the front seats don't recline all the way. 2) Electrical issues (radio turns off for no reason, bulbs burn out all the time, dash lights lite up like a Christmas tree and shut off for no reason, POSS Traction button engages for no reason. 3) AC/Heater doors lock in wrong position. Replaced them already at 67k. AC get hot when I want it cold and the Heater gets cold when I want heat. WTF?? 4) The water pump went out. 5) The rear defroster cable broke off. 6) The brake cable broke. For an American car, it's pretty good. Comfortable to drive and has great power but the gas mileage sucks! 10-11 miles to a gallon?? Time to trade it in.
Iam very happy with my Yukon-Denali 2003, have 110330 miles, Nilo Barredo Sr.
Love this truck.
Drives small.
Great for my big family. XL only way to go.
Very nice on the highway.
Sound is music.
Likes to gobble gas if you are heavy on the pedal.
You get what you pay for and so much more.
Wife is 5'2 and she is in love with how easy it is to drive.
We have a BMW 7,Porsche 911C2, Denali XL .
Did not even consider this vehicle till I drove it then it was over.
GMC stole the show,true American pride in this ride.
Denali is a special truck and handles very well, she is huge!! ,braking was surprisingly good. Turning is also very good.Body roll is not an issue,amazing considering it weight and length.
6.2lt V8 and drive train smooth and responsive.
I have owned my SUV since 2006 bought it with 15000 on it. Just roled over to 106K and my front passenger speaker took a crap. Can you even replace these speakers without messing up the stereo system in general. A/C got stuck on heat just on the driver side. So now truck has no heat but its a Florida truck anyway. Who needs heat? Everything else on this vehicle works great. I would definately buy another one.
2005 GMC Yukon Denali
Have had my Denali for 7 years and it has been a delight! Very few problems have occurred outside of the regular (tires, lights, and oil maintenance). I too have had some weird electrical occurrences: truck's off and door opened and lights and radio still on (have to open another door to cut all off). All-in-all, great truck. Now's time to get new paint job and tune-up!
Dear Hempsted NY. You and I must have the exact same Denali. Every problem you listed is identical to the problems I am having. I thought for years, my truck was rock solid. My radio blacks out then recovers on its own. My right front tires wear strangely and my brakes were recently changed, pads and rotors now, I don't trust my brakes....waaay too spongy for my liking. I guess thats GMC telling us to buy a new one. I had planned to put 200k on the odometer, but not so sure it will make it another 100k miles.
Forgot to mention, my autoride system is now malfunctioning. It self levels every 5 minutes or so on flat roads when I am not pulling anything. The compressor motor cycles on and off for no reason. I recently had in shop to replace right front hub bearing, they serviced my front differential, now it leaks fluid and it did not before. I took back to shop and they are trying to diagnose the leake after I have forked over $1,300 already. I have a 2000 GMC Sonoma had a rear differential fail two months ago, which is in the shop now for a transmission rebuild, GMC is causing me to rethink going back to Nissan.
Love my 2005 Yukon Denali. Owned it since new, keep it in mint condition but I have three weird re-occurances that I hope I can get some advice on because I'm losing faith in Mr. Goodwrench. 1. Climate control actuator misbehaving again -- pumps out heat when I want AC. 2. Electrical system has mind of its own -- when I remove key and open the door, radio and lights remain on. I have to open another door to shut off the radio/lights. 3. Poor solder job on the rear defroster wiring on the deck lid's window. Broken loose several times. Is there anything else that can be done. Stupid idea on GM's part to have two flimsy telephone-cord type wires exposed like that with some less-than-adequate soldering. Duh! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the heads-up on the brake lines. I'll be sure to look out for that since my truck's approaching 100k miles.
I am the original owner of a 2009 GMC Yukon Denali and absolutely love this SUV!! In fact, this is my second Denali in a row!!! (I was also the original owner of a 2005 Yukon Denali which I obviously loved so much but when the new body style came out I just had to have it! I NEVER had any problems whatsoever with my 2005.)
The only issues with my 2009 was the passenger mirror would stay in the tilt down position, which was fixed (twice) with no charge, and the exterior driver's side door handle nearly came off one morning....that was a little strange. It, too, was fixed with no charge. I LOVE this SUV and anxiously waiting to see if a new body style will be released in the near future!!!
I have a 2009 Yukon Denali and I love this SUV to DEATH!! I do have a problem with the automatic mirrors when i flip them in, and one of the door handles had to be replaced (that was covered by the warranty). But overall, this thing is my rock!
my vehicle is in good shape but it have been given me the next list of problems

1 the right front wheel is worn, and i have seen many denali's whit
that problem

2 the trany started shifting on his own

3 after the first time i changed the brakes it haven't been
the pedal is always spongy the only time it get's hard is when i take it to the car wash after a couple of days it get back spongy

4 sometimes im driving everything goes black nav, radio and DIC goes black and then after a minute comes back

5 the latest is when i take the key out and shut the door it suppose to turn of i have to close and open the door for it to go of

getting to stop light the gauge go down and almost turn off,,and turninig the wheels to the right and left my truck sometimes turn off unless i turn the wheels straight
the wire that connects the defroster that one welded came off how can i weld it back?
I have a 2009 GMC Yukon Denali. We love it! It has been acting funny. First we noticed the dash lights flicker occasionally. Now we had 2 occasions where it just would not start. Had to get a jump. Had the battery and alternator checked and they both were good. Any recalls out there? I have the full warranty on the vehicle. Wondering what is wrong?
I have 239,000 + miles on my 2002 Yukon Denali. I purchased it used with 36,000 miles on it 6 1/2 years ago and it has just now started to show signs of its use. This has been a great vehicle for my family and I wish I could clone it! I have decided to keep the vehicle and replace the engine and transmission when it gives out. The only major issue so far was a rear main seal oil leak which was taken care os about 8 months ago. I really lucked out on this particular vehicle and have no regrets with purchasing it. Keep up your regular maintenance and these GMC Yukons will run for quite some time.
Beware of the rusting brake line issue. Sudden loss of brakes and shocked to find brake fluid leaking under the drivers side door. Looked under and noticed my brake lines rusted and leaking brake fluid all over the ground. Obviously I am not the only one in the country going through this issue. My vehicle will sit until GMC is forced to correct the problem. DO NOT BUY THIS VEHICLE USED YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought mine new and garage kept :-(
Must be a heavy machine that year because the front brakes disks gets hot spots. I replaced disks, pads, fluid cylinder seals at both wheels. The disks lasted about a year.
I bought this car as a GM demonstrator in Spring 2004. It now has 110,000 miles on it. Like people things start to go as one matures. The latest was a "cluster problem"---the speedo "flat lined". Apparently there was a notice sent out a few years ago about the problem. But GM would repair vehicles with less than 70,000 miles. As a result, I just forked over $600+. to repair the "cluster problem".
Bought our Yukon about a year and a half ago with 89,000 miles. Up to 130,000 now. Overall very nice car. Front break hose collapsed last summer. Bearing with sensor went out on front wheel (sensor on a wheel bearing?!?). Service Airbag just came on. Love the truck, but high maintenance.
I've had my Denali for 51/2 years and love it. I've had no major problems with it and I am at 65,000 miles. My only complaint is why don't the front seats recline all the way down?
My wife and I bought a brand new 2003 GMC Yukon Denali and have been very happy with it. I have had a rattle in the muffler and now I need to replace the water pump, not bad for a 7 years.
95,ooo miles engine oil pressure failure. Two shops confirmed metal in oil, forced to purchase new engine. This is my third denali and thought this one was built cheaper. Front light burned out caused electrical issues. All service records indicate maintained per standards set in manual. Not very happy!
I purchased this vehicle used (6 mo. old w/10K miles). I drive only about 7K miles/yr, but this has been a very reliable vehicle. My only issues have been electrical inconsistencies, brakes, & tire life. A small price to pay for a vehicle I've had for over 10 yrs and probably will have for another 5 to 10 :-).
I bought mine used w/about 99,000 miles on it. It has never left me stranded or not started, etc. But i've had it nearly 8mos now and have only put about 5,000 miles on it (i also have a 2008 sebring i bought new, that has 52,000 on it already) i do a lot of driving. This Yukon has been in the shop more than on the road! Some of the denali trim is peeling off on the rear and the front quarter panel. When I drove it off the lot, the rear wiper didn't work, by the time they finished screwing up that (finally the used car dealer gave up and took it to a GMC dealer)- my heated seats had quit working and so had my fog lights. Once the wiper was working, the fog lights did too, no such luck on the driver heated seat. The tire sensor monitor fault has shown up since I bought it. The used dealer never did fix those- took it to my chrysler dealer and they fixed them. New brakes and rotors, new grill and headlight assemblies (had been in a wreck the used dealer forgot to mention)- they replaced those items, and the driver side view mirror (mirror shook inside the housing on the interstate- couldn't see behind me), The radio had a CD jambed in it, so they replaced the top CD part. Then I tried to get XM radio and they said my tuner was going out and needed repaired.- so no XM for me. I hit 2 deer within about 1 mile of each other and had the SUV towed to the dealer. When i got it back (2.5 months later- couldn't get a steel reinforcement for the bumper?) the rear wiper didn't work again and now my remote starter didn't work. Remote start was an easy fix, still dealing w/the wiper... RIDICULOUS!!!! Not sure if it was working before or not.. but with all the heat, just tried to turn on the A/C to the rear and it only blows hot air... Anyone considering a used Denali... consider a horse or a bicycle...
Had the truck for 3 years, bough it used with 37,000 miles on it. Had to replace power brake booster and headlight bulbs, brakes, tires, etc. Has 96,000 now and has had some airbag sensor issues. Just got an extended warranty as the transmission is acting funny. Its been a great vehicle for the money!!!!!!