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GMC Vandura 2500 (10 Reviews)
should timeing marks on a timeing chain be pointing at each other or in a straight line up
just bragging ,,,just hit 330,000 miles. regular maintence and wear . hope we hit half million mark !!
Bought it in Reno, Nevada and drove it up to Alaska 2 weeks ago. Awesome vehicle with a smooth ride, smooth transmission, strong but quiet engine, and pretty good gas mileage! Will keep it for a long time!

Just got it about half a year ago and I think it runs great and all I have had to do is normal tune up oil,air filter, spark plugs, break pads, drums, calipers, rotors, some new fuses and I am going to get some new rugs for it but the ones in it are still good. And yes that looks like a lot but It only cost about 250 if you do it your self and go to advance auto parts and most of the parts like brake pads are life time warranty.
i wish I could drive this thing straight into a tree! can,t stand it. I've put so many new parts into it and still can't get it to run right..... lesson learned "never buy anything from a person named cleatus!"
My In-Laws bought the beautiful van off the showroom floor at the Cadillac/GMC dealership. I had a family of four and they adopted a little girl four years older than my oldest. With all my energy, I was always borrowing the van from my dad to take all the kids to the beach, the zoo, to parks. As the kids grew older, this was the perfect automobile for every adventure, including concerts at Galveston beach, where we put our chairs on top of the van and the kids layed on blankies there too. As they grew older still, it became the center of attention for all their friends who wanted a changing room, the perfect music area with doors open, and the snackmobile. The greatest thing I soon found out was how many kayaks, surfboards, sport equipment, coolers, and kids we could fit on top and in the Scoopy-Do wagon. My In-Laws bought many other vehicles, but still kept the van in the garage for us. My father-in-law suddenly died some years back..I could hardly drag myself to the reading of the will. I asked my mom if I could leave early. When I got home the van was in the driveway, which I thought had brought family to my house. When Mom got there, she handed me the keys and said Dad left it to me in his will--that he always enjoyed helping pack for our adventures and seeing all of us off. I am 59 years old now and have come a long way from my 900 sq ft house and small cars. The van occupies its place in a 1600 sq ft garage among other really nice cars and trucks and knows it is equally important. My grandkids love it as much as my kids did. Here we go again on trips to the zoo, beach, ranch, and other adventures. Dealer maintained on schedule, it still runs beautifully. I have been offered so much money for it, but those people are crazy to think I would sell my history mobile at any price. Thank you Dad and GMC.
my wife loves this van, and Im tired of it because Im the one working on it all the time. I went thru 4 starters within 1 month and now i have to put a timing chain and gears in it, but i keep getting this roering sound from the rear and cant figure it out. i re-done the brakes, put gear oil in the axels, changed the tires, and three auto mechanics couldnt tell me whats wrong, im at a loss. anybody have any ideas??
lots of probloms with engine
I have this van and it has been "rode hard" and taken on some pretty rough steep high country roads and just keeps on going! The engine is very strong even tho' I must admit I've neglected to always change the oil at the right intervals. WORD of CAUTION-keep the rubber window gaskets condtioned-I didn't and they cracked, letting rain seep in causing the window motors to fail! All in all this is a great van for traveling with a comfortable fold down bed and room for your stuff too. I will never sell it-I love it!
I bought this van from my father bout 6 yr's ago, he bought it new in 1995, this van has been the most reliable vechicle i have ever owned!!!! as far as ever trading this van n 4 a newer auto , will never happen, ill NEVER get rid of it !!