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GMC Suburban 2500 (6 Reviews)
My suburban has been great pulling my travel trailer and loaded with family. Problem is it also has something always needing fixing. Looks like I have to get rid of it now -- the smog pump went bad and there is no replacement except for junk yards. this according to dealer, parts houses, AC Delco (who makes the part), and multiple internet sites trying to find a new pump
I own the 1998 GMC 4x4 2500 with a 454ci 7.4 or 7.6 L. This truck is a true monster. It tows better then my friends 2005 Tahoe. Steering wheel has too much freeplay, lights and electrical seem to have some sort of short, AC blew out at 170,000 miles. Besides that truck still runs and looks great at 174,000 miles. I did get the engine redone, fuel injectors seem to have been full of gunk. My check engine light won't come off, i will check it out soon, hope it passes smog this year. It always passed smog before. Gas is killer, going on a 3 hour freeway drive totoal 6 hours takes about $120 in gas at about 3.70 gas per gallon. But i luv the power and looks of this truck.
We have had the car for 18 years, it was purchased as a lo mile used vehicle.
Running a 454 CID big block it has performed very well and is good on gas.
Originaly we had a 28 ft trailer to hall cross country, didn't even notice a pull or
load on this chassis. My 350 cid truck boged down and was difficult to stop.
I have a 1996 2500 454 with 192,000 on it. The biggest issue I have had is the front brake pads last about 30k tops. I do alot of towing, so some of the wear is to be expected. The only other issue I had was the distrbutor gear wearing out at 140k miles. The gas mileage on the HWY without towing is actually better than it was with my 5.7L 1500.
i have 98 to with 454 . the only thing with my truck is whan i give it to much gas it discharges for about 30 to 40 sec.
We bought a 96 Suburban used and the only issue we have had was some sort of module in the transmission had a bad ground wire. A fairly inexpensive repair kit solved the issue and the transmission is working fine now. The interior is nice and roomy and very comfortable to ride in on long trips. The sound system freaks out from time to time and requires us to pull the main fuse and let the system reset. Other than that, and the 454 big block which is hard on fuel, we are totally satisfied with this GMC product.