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GMC Suburban 1500 (20 Reviews)
I love our 1993 GMC Suburban K1500 SLE in has factory skid plates to protect front Axle and transfer case. We call it "the Tank" it has never been stuck in snow even at 2ft deep, drives on the highway like a Cadilac still. The bad parts are the brakes (mine has the heavy duty ones to boot!, they barely stop the truck and have bought the best rotors/drums and pads/shoes the 4 wheel disc brakes should have been standard equipment on these.
Now have trouble pasing emmisions for NJ but may have to add second aftermarket cat to pass? 235,000 on the Odometer!
I purchased my 1995 GMC Suburban SLE in 2011 with 50K on it. It was a Fire Chiefs vehicle in a local township. Exterior and interior were in excellent condition. I wanted a vehicle of this type for my hobbies and was looking to spend around $12,000. I was able to purchase the Suburban for $3,000. Beatufull Truck but came with some issues. I had to get one of the rear side windows resealed to stop water leak, also the tailgate window seal had to be modified to stop another leak. The AC was repaired for a leak. Turned out it had a bad head gasket. So I spent just a little more and got a brand new GM factory crate motor to replace it. I also got headers, High flo cat and muffler, Edlebrook intake and high flo water pump, K&N air filter, New brakes rotors and drums, Billstein Shocks, New tires and upraded Stock Chrome wheels. Installed Alarm/remote start. Also Replaced the Hood with a cowl induction style hood, added a rear spoiler. All new headlights. Installed new radio that accepts IPod and Sirius. Now I have aroud $10,000 into it and love it.
Bought my 1993 1500K 4x4 in 96 with 61,000 miles on it. Its at 265000 miles and going strong. I think I can get another 100000 out of it.
From dunes of Outer Banks to Continental Divide over 13000 ft., has never left me stranded anywhere. New trany at 194,000, still going at 236,000. My 2001 Yukon got swapped in Cash for Clunkers, but this one lives on! Turning radius huge, rear brakes too small--not a vehicle for sissies, but we still love it.
I haven't had any problems with the truck as a second vehicle I had over 190,000 miles on it when I got it. It fits the old family and it keeps them quiet with the tv and sound system in the back.
Bought my 95 suburban with 146k miles and did not have one problem until it hit 151k miles. Now everything seems to be going wrong. Transmission went out, altinator almost blew up my battery so I had to also buy a new battery, and now I am having a stalling issue that is starting to cost a lot on repairs since there is no code reader for this year of vehicle all we can do is replace parts til it fixes the problem.
my suburban has about 220,000 miles on it. engine runs like a champ, couldn't ask for a truck thats better in the snow and ice (AWESOME)!! only problem i have is that one by one, all my power windows went out. and when i press on the brakes when going over a bump or sliding in the snow, it makes a "BOING" noise. not sure what it is, probably the anti-lock brakes. that aside, its an awesome truck; i strongly suggest it
i've had my 97 suburban for 13 yrs still going strong with 383,657 mi
but i bought a new drivetrain so it can take me another 400,00
Reliable, easy (and relatively inexpensive) to maintain.
I love my suburban, its been a great veh. has only 99,000 miles on it . Most have been highway miles. Retired now so hope to keep it
for another 17 yrs. Have always goten 18 - 20 mpg with it loaded with gear and 6 people.
I got my 1993 baby with 160,000 in 2009 it now has 204,440 and running like a mad dog. I love this truck she is my baby...... Only had to fix the brakes and change the starter and minor repairs do to age. I wouldn't trade her for nothing..........
Bought this 1500 from my son with 177,000 miles on now has 184,000 miles on it. motorruns great better then must newer trucks today. Give it oil changes every 3,000 miles and tune - ups evry 5,000 miles. Only thing that i had to do was replace the donut gasket and put new brakes on,O and replace the starter the one that i took off was the origanal
Little over 116,000 miles. Bought used with 98,000 miles. Had to replace head gasket (I put the wrong anti-freeze in - oops). Has been running great. No major problems other basic maintenance stuff. 2nd Suburban I've owned. Last one was a 1996, bought it with 120,000 traded it in at 225,000 (transfer case started going and ran it for over a year without a front drive shaft). Was a great vehicle the whole time.
190433 miles and stell going strong.
typical gm quality, the doorhandles break, heater work when it wants to and has no safety features for children other than front control door locks. front end goes out and breaks dont hold up. the motor on other hand has 160,000 and runs like new. be nice to get out of a big rig without rolling window down in winter.
MY suburban has 216,780 miles on it and it is still going strong. I love this truck, most reliable vechicle I have ever owned. The body is in overall great shape to for a 96
249,000 miles and still going strong. 350 with 2 wheel drive.
This workhorse Suburban was very rough around the edges. With less than 100,000 miles it blew a headgasket. We also had a tire blowout on I-5 that luckily didn't cause an accident. I never felt very comfortable driving the truck and it just required too much repair given how young it was.
I had this Suburban for 10 years and it did not hold up well. I had to replace the transmission and the rear end when it had less than 100,000 miles. The air conditioning vents were falling off, the headliner sagged, it handled terribly (it is a massive vehicle)...overall just not a nice vehicle to drive. I finally donated it to charity since it was more expensive to fix than it was worth.
Basically a safe vehicle but typical GM poor quality; door handle fell off, plastic interior parts broke easily, A/C compressor went out at 52,000 mi., door light spring switch fell off, right turn signal doesn't cancel, daytime running lamps no longer operational AND most importantly the BRAKE SYSTEM ANTILOCK SENSOR IS MALFUNCTIONING. Next time, go to Honda or Toyota