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GMC Sierra Denali Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The daytime running lights are prone to burning out. Our technicians tell us that the light sockets may show signs of heat damage but usually are OK. Always be sure to use the correct replacement bulb for the best life expectancy. The new bulb recommendation for 2000-2003 models is #4114K (trade number).

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

Brakes -- Verified

Units with 4 wheel disk brakes may develop at situation where the park brake does not hold as it should. Our technicians tell us this can be caused by worn park brake shoes located inside the drum section of the rear brake disks. The worn shoes should be replaced and properly adjusted to correct this issue.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

One or both secondary air injection check valves may become restricted causing poor air flow resulting in illumination of the Check Engine Light. It is often recommend to replace both check valves even if a fault code is set for only one bank of cylinders. Replacing only one valve may result in a return trip to the repair shop.

Brakes -- Verified

A poor electrical ground under the battery tray may cause the ABS warning light to illuminate. Our technicians tell us that cleaning and properly securing this ground and also the main ABS ground on the frame rail below the drivers door may be necessary.

GMC Sierra Denali Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., November 6, 2006


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Body, Interior & Misc., March 31, 2006

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The tire and loading information label on the driver's side door frame may be inaccurate. A misprinted label could lead to overloading of the vehicle, which could possibly lead to tire failure and a crash. Owners will be provided with corrected labels and installation instructions. At customers' request, a dealer can install the label for them. The recall began March 31, 2006. The GM recall number is 05109.

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Body, Interior & Misc., July 21, 2005

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The second row center seat belt routing may make it difficult to position correctly on smaller passengers. If the seat belt rides up to fit around the abdomen, the risk of internal injury is increased in a crash. Dealers will cut the guide loop, remove a portion of the loop, and the remaining sides should be folded over and secured with a retainer. The recall began July 21, 2005. The GM recall number is 05037.

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Brakes, June 18, 2004

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The hydro-boost housing relief valve bore may be out of specification. The seal may fracture as a result, which may reduce braking assist and slightly increase the steering effort while braking. Under certain conditions, more braking effort will be required to stop the vehicle. Dealers will replace the hydro-boost relief valve. The recall began June 18, 2004. The GM recall number is 04004.

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Drive Train, February 22, 2005

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Under certain conditions, the shift lever position indicator located in the instrument cluster may not illuminate. If the indicator does not illuminate, the driver may not know which gear the vehicle is in. This could result in the vehicle moving in an unintended direction, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will reprogram the instrument panel cluster to correct this concern. This recall is expected to begin on February 14, 2005. The General Motors recall number is 05023.


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GMC Sierra Denali Questions and Answers

Visitor, 2002 GMC Sierra Denali, Waterford, CA

where do I add the steering fluid for my all wheel drive??

Grilldawg88, 2002 GMC Sierra Denali, Pontotoc, MS

How do you change the fan motor?

lilabner, 2002 GMC Sierra Denali, Staten Island, NY

quadrasteering problem occurs all the time when turning at slow speed such as a parking lot...forward or reverse...2 wheel steering or 4 wheel steering...the differential or axles shudder and clang...

Visitor, 2002 GMC Sierra Denali, Plano, IL

how do you replace the rear drive quadrasteer w/ a standard sierra rear end? I would like to dismantle the 4 wheel steer and replace w/ better fuel efficient rear drive.

wdavenport, 2002 GMC Sierra Denali, Monteview, ID

Service 4 Wheel Steering msg. came on. Not sure what to do. I bought the pick-up used from a dealer and it is still under the 3 month 3000 mile waranty. I am planning on calling them, but I just wa...

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GMC Sierra Denali Reviews

I've had my 2002 Sierra Denali for 3 years and the truck has served me well. The 6.0 V8 will run forever as long as you maintain is regularly. I did buy an extended warranty on my truck that came in handy. The rear dif was making noise, but the warranty covered a full tear down of the dif and quadrasteer and rebuild with new factory parts, done at a quality GM dealership. The front wheel bearings on these trucks tend to need replacing as well around 150 as the sensors in them go bad causing abs malfunction. All these problems aside, the truck is something you will rarely find the same build quality anymore. The quadrasteer works amazing towing trailers and parallel parking tight spots. 13.5 mpg is rough, but we'll worth the luxury this vehicle brings. I will run mine until she dies!

Mine has been a great truck! Love the quad steer, The brakes are quite weak.

rear steer is crap ,, when it goes bad ,it goes real bad vary expencibe to fix and no one kniows how to fix them

The Auto Mode Air Conditioning system on the driver side is giving me some annoying problem. When I set the temperature, say 68 F and it start to blow cool A/C air and after some 10-15 minutes it change to very hot air. It will not change to cool breezy air even if you turn and change the temperature knob setting. I tried to turn it off first then turn it back on but still will not go back to cooler air temperature. I tried other A/C modes but it will not respond. The only way to reset this, I found out , was to turned off the ignition key, shutting down the engine then start the engine again. It is dangerous to do this while driving in the freeway. So either I have to exit and pull over to turn off and start the engine again to get some cool air or continue driving in the Hawaiian summer heat in the hot interior truck cabin. Is this a common problem? Does anybody out there experience this? The passenger side A/C is fine. I am thinking of putting a separate switch for the A/C so I can reset it without stopping the engine.

The rear bumper on my 2005 GMC Sierra Denali is rusting all to hell.

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