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GMC Sierra 3500 (8 Reviews)
1 Bad ASS truck, 160,000. Best for the money.
tranmission goes out to fast blown 2 gears last year
My 1st diesel and I LOVE IT!!! The Duramax is a fantastic engine. Bought with 162,756 on the clock and she runs as new if not better. I just drove across the USA with ZERO issues, this is a keeper machine for me.
I bought this 3500 last week with a lot of highway miles but it runs like new. I am amazed at the power the 6.6 Duramax Diesel engine has, coupled with the Allison tranny, WOW! Best truck I have ever owned.
Very reliable, and has some very good speed to it, this 1989 Mustangs engine was rebuilt after it reached 509,000 miles, some electrical problems when turning on the fog lamps which is common with models 1987 - 1992
the best truck i ever owned. i got this one for work and its never let me down, even in the dead of winter. i have replaced the spark plugs and wires and maintain it to the service schedule exactly. this is why i own GMC trucks. i already have 58000 miles on it. i am told the water pumps on these babies tend to fail so i'm watching it close for leaks.
its a good car but has problems when your trying to restore it such as wire shorts, alternator problems, and the pulleys are made of plastic if you haven't changed the pulleys and you still have the pulleys from the day it was on the lot back in 1993 change them
fast and furious