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GMC Sierra 2500 owners review and rate their GMC Sierra 2500.

GMC Sierra 2500 (4 Reviews)
bought my GMC 2500 in 2004 new, has 135,000 miles on it, when making turns there is a knocking noise in the steering shaft nobody has ever been able to fix it, interior on drive side had to be replaced, ac blow hot air , have to cut truck off
and restart to get cool air, sometimes it works sometimes it does't, there is a noise that sound like the drive shaft is hitting something, replaced front hubs at 100,000 miles, coatings on rims are peeling off,
sticker price 45,000
can't wait to buy another one and pay 800.00 dollars a month
My sierra was a terrific truck until it spontaniously caught fire while the truck was off and parked in my drivway. If your blower motor stops or electrical things start becoming irratic gages...ect. Keep your truck out of your garage and get it checked. a.s.a.p.
Great truck over all, however mine's AC just stopped working out of the blue one day and even though all the fuses and relays are good the unit is still not getting any power
good ,reliable vehicle