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GMC Sierra 2500 HD (16 Reviews)
Why did my inside/outside a.c. door quit working. Button dash lights up but door does not move. 2002 GMC Sierra 2500hd duramax

Picked up a used 2005 GMC Sierra 2500 HD which was in very good shape. Other than a few cosmetic blemishes, it was respectable. The motor is very strong and has good power, even on steep inclines here in the mountains. I honestly think you could tow just about anything you want with this truck. Plenty of power to do the job. The transmission shifts smoothly, and you barely even notice when it changes gears. There is hardly any radical upshifting and downshifting going on. Very nice. Suspension is great. Even with a lift like you would find on some 4WD's, it rides nice and plush, no bouncing.

The seats are probably one of the best I've ever had in a truck. Very cushy and comfortable.

The motor is fairly accessible if you do some of your own maintenance. I've seen some trucks which are a nightmare to work on. Newer vehicles nowadays aren't easy to work on to begin with, but this one is easier than many of them.

If you work on a farm or ranch, you'll like the 8' bed. You can haul a bunch of stuff with room to spare. And you can load it up pretty heavy too, and chances are you won't even stress the suspension doing it. This truck is definitely a hauler.

Gas mileage is one of the down sides to the truck. If you keep your foot out of the gas and stay in mild highway speeds, you'll do ok. But if you are heavy footed, expect to visit the gas station often. The truck has a very large gas tank, and it costs a kings fortune to fill it back up.

AC and electronics seem to be holding up ok. No problems there.

I think some of the plastic parts used on the truck could be of better quality. I'd expect better from GMC on that.

All in all, it's a pretty good truck. I'll keep it for a long time, hopefully.

Hello my truck runs great but the A/C / Heat control only works on HIGH!! I think I'm going to change out the control unit . How does that sound??? THANKS!! Oh also the turn signals ,when activated left/ right set the hazards off?!?! Spooky
i currently have my 2003 gmc sierra 2500 in the repair shop at a local gm dealer. it has been there over a week and they cannot figure out what is wrong with it. The range shift inhibitor light came on the dash board so they replace the transfer case for $2100 and the light is still on and they cannot figure out why. They said the gears were wore out in the 4 wheel drive but i find that hard to believe as it only has 83000 miles and i never used it for heavy duty 4wheel driving just occasional driving on snow roads and driveways nothing major. If you can figure out what is wrong would greatly appreciate any ideas as the dealer cannot seem to figure it out. I would like my truck back without a larger bill already bad enough. thanks for any help
After buying a new 26' travel trailer we decided to trade in the 2002 1/2 ton Sierra and get a brand new 2006 Sierra HD 2500 SLT 4x4 with the 6.6 Duramax Diesel,6 speed Allison and went crew cab this time. What a difference that made in pulling the trailer. I can go from Phoenix to Flagstaff with the cruise control on pulling the trailer holding 65 mph (as long as I have an open lane). I had test driven the Ford Super Duty and the Dodge before I bought this GMC. At the time the GMC had the most horsepower and torque 360/650. I liked the cab space of the Ford but that was it. The Dodge seemed to plasticky and plain even in loaded form, even though it had lots of storage cubbies and stuff. So since I had a GMC before I went with it again. I have replaced the 2 batteries twice (batteries don't last long in AZ) and tires 3 times. The factory tires and rims on these HD's are ugly and skinny, it makes the truck look like Grand Dad's, so I put on 18" Moto metal rims and some nice BFG All Terrain T/A K/O 285/65/18 tires, with some Westin nerf bars, a Rhino liner and a Lund bug shield and added an AIRRAID intake. I also tweaked the torsion bars on the front suspension so the truck looks level instead of dipping down in the front. That may have cost me some gas mileage because that truck has never seen anything better than 18 mpg and that was unloaded, downhill, with a tailwind. It does get better city mpg than my 5.3L '02 did. I get about 14 mpg, if I'm easy on it. When I pull my trailer though it's 9 or 10. These other people I talk to with the same truck that tell me they get 14-15 mpg pulling a trailer are full of it. My best has been 10 mpg maybe. Problem wise, I had to replace both wheel bearings at 75k miles (I have 84k on it currently), the a/c quit of course right when it was 112 outside, turns out it was the climate control box (dual control) some part went out in that. Had to have a steering box and p/s hoses replaced under warranty, otherwise that was it. The light bulbs are out on some of the steering wheel controls and the radio knobs all of the words are rubbed off. It has the Bose stereo and DVD player (which I play my Ipod through since there is no jack on the radio for an ipod)but today I tried a CD and they spit right back out. Probably because in 6 years I hardly played CD's, just mostly XM and my ipod. Otherwise the engine and trans are great and I've had no other problems. If you follow the scheduled maintenance, these trucks last a long time. I still have the original brakes and they still have 50% life in them (even after pulling a camper for 6 years). I don't like the '07 & newer ones. Less chrome and they have more emission control junk (cat box) and you have to pour stuff in the gas tank on occasion. Interiors are nicer though, but I don't want to shell out $50k again for a truck.
I started to here a pulsation noise behind my glove box area about every 30 seconds. With my hand I reached under and located the noise against the fire wall. I found a damper that was opening and closing back and fourth. Then found out I have a cabin air filter; changed them out with new ones. Thought that would be the problem, but I still have this damper wanting to pulse back and fourth from open to close. I pushed the damper with my hand a few times but it still wants to go from open to close. Is this some sort of a vacuum problem or maybe an electrical signal telling this damper to go back and fourth? I think this is a damper to bring in outside air into the truck cabin.
I bought june 2006 from now defunct dealer lawrence marshall. I drove it over every bumpy road i could find and didn't rattle at all. In september the doors started rattleing and the seats squeaking and noise from dash.The doors the worst,it make a noisy clacking and bumping every start and stop and on bumpy roads,they were able to fix only the seats . April of 2011 the dash stated making a steady bumping noise,internet research says it is A/C actuators.So at 45,000 milesit rattles like a 10 year old junker and i guess the A/C will fail whenever..Oh yeah,,the tail light assembly fell out of the left side in august 06 and the right one fell out sept 09,,only vehicle i have ever owned in 50 years that tail light fell out of voluntarily....ha!!
owned for seven years since it came off the lot new and no problems ever reliable and can climb any moutain top like a cat. only problem ever was the ac and now u have to have it on when u start the vehicle but thats it
Overall, the truck seems to be quite nice. I have had GMC trucks in the past and this new one lives up to its reputation for a solid performer. I do have one beef, that is the shocks...for some reason GM does not pay enough attention to their shocks. They should contract w/Bilstein on their non-Z71 suspensions. I wind up replacing the stock shocks w/Bilstein's, makes the ride a bit firm, but definitely worth it.

I bought this truck in August 2001 with 5,500 miles. Now has 152,000 miles. Engine is 8.1 liter with Allison 5speed. Don't think I'll ever part with it. Gets about 14-15mpg empty if driven sensibly, and about 10mpg pulling my 35' 5th Wheel that empty weight is 12,500#. And this truck is a 4x4. With exception of a couple minor sensor issues, It has performed flawlessly.
I really like mine. 8.1 has plenty of power and does as good on fuel as the 6.0. I had leaking oil cooler line that I had to replace outside of warranty. Other than that, its been a good truck. Only have 42k miles on it ytd.
Other than the computer and seat module issues it is a great truck.
This truck is starting to nickel and dime me. The block is leaking coolant. The windshield is leaking when it rains (the mats are wet after a rain). Tranny slipping occasionally. Ignition sometimes won't immediately disengage. Trim package is bubbling. This truck heading down the Lemon Path.....
comfortable and with the 6.0 liter gas V8 an acceptable tow vehicle for my 3 horse trailer. Lots of trouble early on with the steering sector that GM didnt find a solution for until AFTER it was off warranty. Poor gas mileage empty (12 to 12.5) but get about 11 when towing a full trailer.
Replaced a radiator at only 70,000 miles and have had trouble with ABS sensors at about 60,000.
I don't have a Duramax I only have the 6.0 Liter Vortec engine but it pulls just fine. I love this truck to death!!! I just need to find a solution on how to get better fuel economy and how to fix my cruise control that just went out about a week ago.
I have had this truck since new in 2005. It definitely is the most comfortable truck I have driven in 33 years driving. Prenty of power, but you pay in MPG with 15 city and 19 road driving just speed limit...if you speed...then drop that 20% and if you tow heavy trailer or boat it drops 40%...shame. I have had trouble with suspension and steering components. The power steering hose both leaked and the power steering box needed replaced at 80,000 miles. The Left front wheel bearing went out at 75,000 miles. This is a sealed unit and wish they went back to greased bearings. These problems are well known with GM, but they have not corrected them. Good truck overall and will drive it till the wheels fall off. This is my second diesel Chevy.