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GMC Sierra 1500 (34 Reviews)
The passlock has been a headache in regards to this truck. GM you owe a lot of people a recall! You know this is an issue! Fix it!
Bought used with 47201 on odometer, runs great, look great, really happy with my purchase. Only thing had to replace was the right passenger headlight bulb.
I bought my 2001 Sierra PU new in Nov. 2000. It's now June 18, 2016 - 317,000+ miles later on original motor.


1. Replaced radiator at 293,000+ miles.
2. Replaced transmission at 238,000 miles
3. Replaced alternator at around 275,000 miles.
4. Fuel pump - worst part on the truck. I've replaced 4 times at least, almost $700 a pop. It's in a funky location so it's the labor of getting that sucker apart that's expensive.
5. Rear differential has gone out twice. Once at 6,000 miles (under warranty) and then at approx 230,000 miles (big bucks)
6. ABS system busted around 80,000 miles.
7. AC system is the bomb. Best AC in all of my vehicles.
8. Passenger side window motor broke at 305,000 miles. The door locks are getting iffy. The interior is absolutely intact. Except for a he leather steering wheel that is now coming apart. No holes in the cloth seats.

I have towed: boats, jet skis, horse trailers. Fully loaded. I have hauled furniture, hay, rocks, dirt, Christmas trees, landscaping stuff, you name it. It has been to about 10 western states. A lot. Not one problem on any trip.

Bottom line is that most major issues lasted well after 240,000 miles.

Other than that - oil changes, changing of filters and fluids, and overall basic care of this baby has kept it going. It's just some overall cosmetics that need addressing.

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My first GM truck went 150,000 miles with only minor repairs(1995 Cheyenne) It is still on the road today! My 2008 GMC 4x4 has had one issue after another. Stuck active fuel management lifter=$3000, bad power windows switch on all doors but Driver, Bad Power mirror switch on the driver, Bad break light switch. The Service Traction Control light comes on at random. The driver side rear door fills with water. The dash has cracked in 2 places and I have had it for 25000 miles. I bought what I thought was a good used truck and have 100000 miles on it now, but this will be my last GM purchase.
Just bought the truck 5 months ago from dealer. Was told safety inspected of course. Just two months after bought it noticed coolant was dissapearing an not a spot on ground. Was adding here an their then recient checked oil an noticed was clean but half inch up dip stick. Ok their is where my coolant is going. So yep ANOTHER blown head gasket. I had a 2000 gmc 5.3 with no issues high miles but never any issues. I get another after i hit a deer with other this one is a 2004 gmc 5.3. So far all the forums on this truck down to the door handles not closing all the way this truck has. After replacing axle shaft seals front . Looks like their leaking so of course its not the seals could i get that lucky as a easy fix. Nope need to replace axle shafts themselves. Im not at all supprised. I wish i still had my 2000 gmc. Great truck for age an miles that damm deer costed me a good running truck an haunted with what next on this 2004. 2001 an up nothing but issues from what i have seen... advice stay away from this year an few years above ..
I owned this truck since Jan 2008. Now time for an upgraded pickup have enjoyed GM products and my Sierra with 134,000 miles never gave me problems will miss this truck done nothing but minor things.
over all the truck has been pretty good, the main problems have been the ac and heater controls are not reliable and all the gauges have failed and a little rust on roof.
no where near the f-150 ford I just sold! This truck is a rust bucket brake and transmission lines all rust! Lots of surface rust! The Ford is a credit to this rust bucket!!!
I used to work at Chevrolet Dealership before I bought a truck i did My home work. I bought a 2006 Sierra because in 2007 the Cast Iron blocks went away and more aluminum started being introduced as well as plastic. However, I did have a major problem with the Clutch some truck that were assembled in Mexico utilzed a master cylinder with a shaft approximately 3/16" too short making it very difficult to Clutch. That one was hard to resolve especiallly because GM and the Dealers wouldn't help. Less is more when it comes to vehicles in my book Less electronics less fancy stuff more time for me and my wallet.
2000 GMC SIERRA 205K and strong

It still looks good and drives good....if you are going in a streight line, with little wind, and even road. Really, its been a great truck, and has power to keep going. The problem is besides the rear main seal leaking a little, it goes through shocks like 8 yrar old boy goes through shoes. It drives straight in perfect conditions, so I guess the entire suspension could be replaced. I am wondering how to get it done reasonably. Telling someone its all worn out usually fires the repair guys dollar sign endorphin so strongly its turns me off to the idea of fixing anything.
I assume the springs are tired, every ball joint and stearing component (minus the rack&pinion unit) have play or are loose, and all the bushings show the 200Kplus miles. I am thinking I should go to maybe a customizing shop where they do lots of suspension work. Ideas, or comments?
I have owned my 2005 for 6 years and have put 134,000 miles on it, it now has 154,000. It has been very reliable. The biggest problems have been headlight bulb replacements, dashboard gauges failing and the damper controls for the driver side is blowing heat all the time.
But overall, it has not left me stranded. 3 sets of tires, 3 set of front brakes. My plan is to drive to at least 200,000 miles.
its a great truck but only one problem! the wires for the headlights on the sierra always get shorts in them and everytime u get going down the road one is out!!!
my first and last GMC- just got my truck back from repair shop had to replace all brake lines, also front rotors and pads replaced for the fourth time. only 86,000 miles, this truck sucks compared to dodge and ford. other problems include wheel bearings, power steering, heater blower and rust. My last three trucks were dodge and each one of them went 160,000 before any real problems also a ford 250 went 250,000 miles and was running good. NEVER again GMC.
Current odometer: 193056.

I Bought this truck with 04 miles on it new in 2005 and it has been the best vehicle, hands down, I have ever owned. Other than normal maintenance [brakes/oil change] I spent $700 to have a upper intake-manifold gasket replaced at 123,000 miles. That's it.

I think part of the success is that it is a basic, 2WD, 4.3L V6, manual transmission, work-truck base model. I LOVE the fact it has crank windows and NO TPMS or any of that other crap that is breakdown-prone.

When I take it for oil changes the guy always remarks at how good it looks for it's mileage and age. My personal goal is to get 300K out of the thing and it looks like it will happen.

If it crapped out today I would have way more than gotten my money's worth and, on the sad day that happens, I'm going out and buying another one EXACTLY like this one [only current year, of course].

I had the truck less than a yr and the transmission went out. A yr later the vent valve assembly and solenoid had to be replaced and moved and it was under warranty and still cost me over $300 to get it fixed. Now 2 yrs later the check engine light comes on and guess what its the vent valve assembly and solenoid again. Wow Chevy/GMC really use to mean quality but really not thinking so now. Previous 4 trucks were all Dodges and never had any issues!!! Looks like I'll be going back to the RAM soon!!!!
Bought this new off the showroom floor. 15 months later, I love it as much as the day I purchased it. Plenty of power, great looks, and decent mileage for a truck.
Transmission had to be rebuilt at 10K and again at 20K miles. No known "fix" for the problem. This truck is pampered and gets only 7K miles a year of driving. Professional Grade... Not hardly.
I got my 1500 2WD Sierra on 1999 brand New I have been pulling a 18 feet boat every summer I have now 185000 miles on it and Not a problem with this truck I am ready to get me another GMC sierra, I think is time to give this a break from the abuse I have given to it
I purchased this new from the factory. I've replaced the blower resistor, 4WD switch, 4 power window units, brakes & rotors 4 times, fuel pump/filter, brake lines went last summer. The truck has 173000 hard miles on it. She's been better to me than I have been to her. We have a 28ft Dutchman Trailer that I pull. It's a little overloaded but it works with the 4.8L. I agree that if you keep up with the routine maintenance the truck will go well over 200K. The next one will be a 2500HD Diesel, used of course. The new ones are too much. I am extremely satisfied with this truck. My kid loves it and it will go to him when I get the diesel.
After 254000 miles the truck is still in good shape. I plow all winter and use this truck as a truck. I would buy a GMC anytime.
2wd-114k miles.bought new in oct. 1999.replaced brakes twice,u-joints once. replact idler at 100k.original waterpump, altrnater,fuel pump. i have found out if properly maintained these truckswill go over 200k.i do most of my own maintence and repair. it is my own opinion that these are great trucks and that people that have problems with them usually know little or nothing about properly maintaining them.
Love my truck. Bought it new. No problems and we have 130,000 miles on it. I have driven it from West to east coast not problems. I have no reason not to keep it.
love this truck no problems!!!
Bought brand new, with lots of extras. Z71, 5.3L, leather, dual-zone heat/air etc. Got extended warranty and only had minor problems with the truck. Brake pads, and mirror defroster.
Major problems were oxygen sensors, and the brakes. Right rear pads wore out every 6 to 10K, until they put in a 'metering valve. That extended it to 35k.
Currently have 134k on truck and have a few issues: Brakes (heavy foot pressure needed), Oil Gauge (pegged high), and the always familiar 'check engine light'.
Overall rating is, great. I still love my truck and it's go anywhere 4x4 drive and big comfy seats.
truck is a 2004 z71 with 101300 miles. ive taken the best care possible, 4000 mile oil changes. tires brakes all services needed, always garaged. ive spent over 3100 dollars in the last month on problems. first the front half shaft bearings started making noise when i would drive slowly on the pavement, then the water pump went out while the dealer was flushing the system. new belts, tuneup, clunk in the front steering shaft[service bulletin] 200 bucks. overall i love the truck but wondering whats next
Bought this truck as the 2nd owner..awesome vehicle! 185k mi and still strong. I am having some brake problems currently, but overall a solid truck.
My 2006 GMC 1500 2wd only has 35000 on it So far I have had the Oil pan Gasket, itake manifold gasket, Waterpump. Idler pully, 2 fan switches.. Front rotors wore Bad Bad pads and the teperature4 switch I am going to switch to Ford
I have the 2007 slt.
I traded up from a 2001
I love this truck!
The upgrades are impressive.
I would like GM to make a deisel for the 1500. also the gas mileage is better than other comparable trucks. 18avg.
with 93k now i just did a major tune up and fluid flush and exchange. The problems ive had are as follows; the water pump leaks , replaced for 600$. the speedo doesnt work.some of the heater lever lights and radio button lights on the dashboard dont work. the finish has worn off some control panel buttons.the front end tie rod ends and pullman rod are loose. the transmission lines leak. there is a leak in the real axle seal. I think thats it. It would cost about another 2k to fix the things i havent yet. There is a clunk in the steering when i turn or go over bumps. Otherwise, it runs fine and hasnt really had any other problems. I like the comfort of the seats and the roominess of the crewcab and back end. Tows great. Hope to put another 100k on her.
Purchased this truck with about 48k miles, 5 years and 100k later the only thing i have replaced was a drive belt. VERY pleased with this truck.