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GMC Savana 2500 Problems

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Various electrical components under the front carpet/rubber mat may become damaged if excess water is used to clean the rear cargo area.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The tail light wiring harness in the cargo area is not protected very well. As a result it may become damaged due to normal wear a tear. This damage can causing some or all of the rear lights to stop working.

Engine -- Verified

The fuel pump may fail causing the engine to stall and not restart.

Engine -- Verified

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One or more fuel injectors may become stuck closed causing an engine misfire  and the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Our technicians tell us that this problem can be caused by some fuel additives. There are special procedures which may be able to restore the affected injector. If this fails the affected injector must be replaced.

Engine -- Verified

A coolant leak may develop from the water pump. This can result in an engine overheating condition. A leaking water pump will require replacement.

GMC Savana 2500 Recalls (Recent)

Drive Train, July 30, 2008

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The transmission management software could be faulty and may cause the transmission to shift erratically or the engine to stall at highway speeds. This could result in transmission damage and vehicle breakdown. Dealers will reprogram the transmission control module and engine control module. The GM recall number is N080218. This recall began on July 30, 2008.

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Engine, April 12, 2010

RepairPal Expert Overview:

A short circuit may develop in the voltage regulator, internal to the alternator. This could cause the alternator to overheat to the point of causing a fire. Dealers will inspect and replace the affected alternators as necessary. This recall is scheduled to begin by April 12, 2010. The General Motors recall number is 10216.

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Engine, March 26, 2001


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Engine, July 30, 2008

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The frame rail of the vehicle may be wider than intended. If this is the case, the fuel tank may rub on the frame rail and eventually may leak. Leaking fuel presents a fire hazard. Dealers will inspect the vehicle and modify the frame rail if required. The GM recall number is 080205. This recall began on July 30, 2008.

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Heating & Air Conditioning, March 12, 2010

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The heating and AC control knobs may fracture and spin on the control shafts. The driver may not be able to control the heating and ventilation for the vehicle. If this happens when the defrost system is needed, visibility could be reduced, which could lead to a crash. Dealers will replace all of the heating and AC control knobs free of charge. The recall began March 11, 2010. The GM recall number is 10012.

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GMC Savana 2500 Questions and Answers

ksbaitz, 1999 GMC Savana 2500, 5.7L V8, Stamford, CT

We have a 99 gmc savana. The power door locks just keep acting like they want to lock and unlock. When you push on the drivers side lock switch it won't open any of the other locks and when y...

afkug, 1998 GMC Savana 2500, Eatontown, NJ

I will be replacing rear brakes - (drums & shoes). How is emergency brake also repaired/replaced?

gabe34, 1996 GMC Savana 2500, 5.0L V8, Lawrenceburg, IN

I'm not sure if its a 4L60E, or a 4L80E.

Smoking gear monkey garage, 1996 GMC Savana 2500, 4.3L V6, Cincinnati, OH

My alternator was getting weak, but before i could change it, i went to go to work, and after starting and turning on head lights i saw alternator gage fall. put it back in garage and changed alter...

astrotito1, 1998 GMC Savana 2500, Dublin, GA

i have checked fuses under dash

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GMC Savana 2500 Reviews

Our 1999 is the worest van I have ever had. It is so cheaply made. The spare tire cable broke and my spare fell off. My door locks are falling down inside my doors. My door panels are all cracking and becomeing so brittle. My radio only works when it wants to. The van body shifts or twists and binds the doors so they are real hard to open and close sometimes. The paint is peeling off in large chuncks. I never know what to expect. I have never had a car or truck with so many problems as this one has. Signed very disapointed in GMC.

I have a 1999 GMC Savana 2500 cargo van with the 5.0L V8. I use this vehicle for work and I treat it pretty poorly, but it keeps coming back for more. I've replaced a transmission, alternator and it eats brakes because of the hills around here, but I expect that! I'll consider another one when this one is put out to pasture!