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GMC 1500 Pickup (10 Reviews)
Dash and gauge lights are too dim... New switch does not fix the problem...
1995 GMC 1500 5.0L. 280K and still running strong. Had to replace intake gaskets twice, heater hose connectors and fuel pump. Only run 20w50 Castrol with Lucas oil stabilizer. I believe that is the secrete to a strong running 305.
I need to change the A/C unity to 134a refrigerant in 92 GMC pickup truck tell me how would I do this and thank you very much
My husband bought this extended cab for me brand new in 1995. I have since put over 470,000 miles on it with only the normal minor repairs. Still looks good on the outside and runs and rides great. The seats are a little ratty looking, but I still love driving it!
Bought my '98 new and have put 249k fairly trouble free miles on it. Ditto on the fuel pump - lost mine 1500 miles from home and paid the price. Ride is uncomparable - I ordered a decked out 2wd with 5.7 and tow package and sound system - better road rig than a Caddy! Going to keep it for some time to come - better than a new one.
love this truck,had a few basic repairs,but engine and transmission have been awesome.
I love my truck! These trucks really are pretty rock solid, but it IS necessary to service these vehicles on time and with quality fluids and parts. The biggest problem areas with these trucks that I have found are the fuel pump, intake manifold gaskets, A/C compressor, inner and outer door handles, and maybe I'll throw in the distributor but that's not really a big deal as long as you are getting your tune up done around 100,000 miles. The fuel pumps seem to like to fail around 100,000 mile, so if you have a truck of this vintage, from a few years back to a few years newer, with the original pump with over 100k on the clock, start saving up. The fuel pump alone, (for a quality pump), is generally around $500 - $700.
great trk lots of miles 305 engine never a major problem
Very good dependable truck. Bought this one used, superb running condition even before tune-up. Takes a lickin & keeps rollin. No major problems as of yet.
good servicable pickup