2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali Questions

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I would like to know the approximate cost of having another 6.2l motor put in my 07 yukon xl denali, including labor. And a few parts.
Noticed about 1 week ago when I was driving at night. Had the battery and altenator checked and both by O'REILLY auto and both passed.
On the hood of my black GMC Yukon XL Denali, the paint is evaporating - turning white and spotty. I religiously park my car indoors and have it waxed 2 times a year. What the heck is happening? I've never owned a car that had this problem.
After multiple events of car dying AAA told us our battery was bad, so we replaced it. The battery is several months old and now it is beginning to die again. We just drove 6 1/2 hour drive to Idaho, after 2 days of being parked it died. We jumped it and drove home fine, now 2 days later it's deader than a door nail again. What does this sound like? Nothing seems to be left on...
(first try) My mech replaced the crankcase sensor. Didn't fix the problem. 2nd try he replaced the ignition switch. That didn't work. Tested the fuel pressure after it stalled and it was still warm - while trying to start it (40 psi) but would not start. When it cooled down we were able to start it and the fuel pressure is at 80psi. No diagnostic codes on his computer from these events
The remote key still unlocks/locks, just will not start the car anymore.
The display works for all other info displays just blank on the three listed. Is there a DIY repair for this issue. Happened one day at normal under normal operating conditions. No codes were thrown as I expected.
Thank you for your time.
Tester shows P0121 Throttle Body Sensor. Should I replace? If so, how difficult is it? Advice?
a leak there around oil pan assembly i went many services stations some of them adviced to replace all oil system include gasget and cylate and othe parts, the other one said i'll change drain and let see if its enough or not. but still confused if its a cretical issue in my vehicle or not because i dont want this issue to cause a big fauiler in the future. i've this issue for a year, but when i asked technical guy who changing vehicle oil peridically he said not that much shortage in the oil.
The gear shifter will move up and down freely without shifting into any gear
oil level sensor needs replaced and I dont know where it is
Why doesn't heater blow on drivers side floor, when passenger works fine?
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