2006 GMC Yukon XL Denali Questions

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nothing lights up when turning on key no power to do anything
The rear hatch door will not unlock
Brake system bleeding,is it right rear, left rear then right front,then left front last?
The Temp gauge was rising. At that time I had the air conditioner on. I immediately pulled over turned off engine. after 2 minutes started it right back up. temp started to rise again. I turned off the air conditioner and the Gauge level began to lower from hot to normal.
Truck still looks good except hood (where clear coat is bad)
My silver Denali is showing severe paint thinning, delamination, loss all the way down to the primer...all flat surfaces...roof and hood. Is there any history for this and will GM help?
this is not the usual pump or air compressor sounds like a jack hammer and happens off and on when driving long distances..we have had the suv at the local gmc dealer twice and they have it for almost a month and could not figure it out..this started happening after a new set of tires where purchaed and we did discover that a tire sensor had been broken in the process and after this was repaired we thought the problem was solved but after a few weeks the noise returned..any thoughts on the problem would be the way in the process the dealer did replace the shocks they were leaking and they thought this was the problem..also my wife claims the problem does not occur when using the cruise control.
Service Ride Control light just popped on week or so ago. I do not hear the compressor kick on when vehicle is first started like it normally did. Any chance this could be a simple fuse problem? Our purchasing dealer was one that was closed by GM, now closest is 30 miles away.
It happened to me on 3 different occasions where I couldn't start my yukon because of the anti theft system.
this started today: the radio keeps going either up or down 2 spots (for example actual station is 93.7, and radio keeps moving to 93.9) and won't stay on 93.7, which is stereo.
i was hearing a roaring moise when i decelarated so i jacked it up and could move the driver side front output shaft up and down is this normal on a aed front differential or is there a bearing going out and can u take the axle shafts out and drive it until repaired
The heater was working fine up until last week. Then it started blowing cold air. I messed with the buttons a bit and the heat came on again mysteriously. I added some antifreeze also. Now we're back to cold air again. Could it be the thermostat? If so; where is the thermostat located and is it difficult for the owner to replace by oneself?
Anyone ever replace the radiator?
Anyone ever had the hydro boost replaced?
I lost break lights and cruise control fuse is still good any suggestions?
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