2005 GMC Yukon XL Denali Questions

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I bought a 2005 Yukon xl and under the hood there is a green sticker saying the rear a.c. has been blocked off. What are some things to check to get it working again?
1 bulb lighting gear mode is very dim.
is bulb replaceable?
can I send the entire panel in for repair?
I tried to access the bulbs but couldn't.
I get a check engine light and a "tighten fuel capcap" messagemessage.
I want to make sure it is pump and not seals or other issues.
Front Brakes pump and make a noise (not brake pads) on the driver side. Feels like the antilock brake is kicking in. When starting to move from a dead stop it feels like the vehicle is stalling, the noise appears, When I back off on the gas the noise stops and the car surges ahead. Does not happen at highway speed.
Brakes make a pulsing sensation and feel like they are locking when I slowly come to a stop. Brakes seem to engage when I start moving and release when I letup on the gas.
I notice after a few weeks that alarm system was working after the repairs
i'm not sure what to do, i've tested the electronics and everything seems to be fine, Please help
I have a new pittman arm and very well maintained vehicle it usually happens when backing up wont do it stopped and turning wheel back and forth

I was told the water pump leak is do to too much preasure in engine block and gasket leaking exhaust ?
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