2004 GMC Yukon XL Denali Questions

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Once you start driving the engine warms up and transmission starts to slip then I lose 3rd and 4th gear. Don't lose reverse 1st or second
Install air shock and air pump
The power door lock and power window and side view mirror stopped working on front passenger door only. At same time the key fob stopped working and I have to key my way in. Can you help?
I be press the gas pedal im already driving at any speed the truck want go it just starts slowing down. You have to pull over stop the truck and seat for a little while then try to crank it up again to go again
my 2004 denali continues to die when driving at random and the t/c light comes on first shuts down and loses power you shut it off wait a few minutes and does it again drive on and repeats what is the cause and what is the fix?
Just started having a leak of coolant under My It's I nice size puddle But truck isn't acting craazure....But What could be The problem
The ABS lights are not on, the only thing reading is service tire monitor
I have five accessory power outlets and only one works, the one closest to the steering wheel.
motor wont start on first try/must re try to start
just began today hot out today/ no dtc codes show
I just bought a 2004 GMC Yukon Denali XL used with 91k miles on it. Just started having an issue when I go to turn it on. I put my foot on the brake, turn the key, dashboard lights up and the engine makes some noise but it doesn't turn on. Do it a second time and it turns over.

Does anyone else have this problem? And if so would you be kind enough to tell me what it is or how to fix it?

The thermostat was replaced because the heater was blowing cool air when sitting idle but would blow out warm/hot air once the truck was in constant motion.
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