2002 GMC Yukon XL Denali Questions

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could it possibly be a bearing as shaft goes into the carrier assembly? Or am i looking at a stripped gear or bad carrier assembly? it started a couple days before she told me about it, had her park it as soon as she told me and jacked it up to check it out. a little more details....its a 2002 GMC Yukon XL AWD with 3.73 gears in carrier assembly, if any other questions about vehicle or issue i will give you everything i know. Really need to figure out my options since we need it for kids and equipment for baseball and softball season......just not enough room in my Jeep. THANKS in advance!!
While going down the mountains in AZ the steering seems to briefly hang up while braking.
or can you do just the seneor
I recently purchased a used 2002 GMC Yukon XL Denali with 106,500 miles. She has a 6.0 and is AWD and was the cleanest full size SUV I could find in a 75 mile radius. All the others I found had issues and at least another 30k to 50k miles on them. All the fluids were clean except the tranny fluid and ran like new believe it or not. I did check out the Carfax and seen that it was owned by 2 others before myself. The 1st owner cared for this Denali and serviced it every 2,500 miles almost on the dot up to 80,000 miles. When the 2nd owner took over, no records were updated on the vehicle.

I've had it over 6 months as of yesterday and I have only began to drive it as my daily driver about a month ago. I have only put about 1,500 miles on it total. My first month with it I took a mini 1,000 mile vacation with my family from the San Joaquin Valley down to San Diego. The Denali ran great over the Grapevine both ways.

As I mentioned I had it only 6 months as of yesterday which meant my 6 month warranty expired yesterday as well. Today on the way to work, I heard a slight squeaking sound coming from the passenger from tire. Then on my lunch time I heard a "rattling" from the transmission area when I was in 1st gear between 1.75 rpms and 2.5 rpms at a slow speed in the parking lot. I honestly began to laugh when hearing that because I was so relieved the day before while enjoying my lunch that I had no problems at all in my 1st 6 months.

I honestly put off the complete change of fluids for the whole SUV as I had planned when buying her due to the fluids being clean and it running so great and I feel that it came back to bite me in the a$$! What am I looking at here problem wise and what maintenance should I do to it?
After I've been driving a for while and my engine is warm my steering bogs down while I'm parking . It feels like the wheels lock . My truck has all wheel drive . I have serviced the deferential and replaced the seals recently . It was doing it before that . It didn't help.
And i really need to know whet to do. because its cutting off when iam driving now.
my car keeps making a clicking noise we changed the battery and put gas in it and still wont start. could it be the starter??
Is it the thermostat or control?
ride control is not needed
when you push the button to turn it on, it does come on. you can turn it on low and high. It stays on too like it should be working. It doesnt flicker on or off or switch from high to low by itself but the heat itself does not come on.
i have tried all arears even took my neg. turnmnal off to reset it
when i bought the vehicle the air ride system was removed and the light wasnt on after a year now the light came on what should i do
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