2006 GMC Yukon XL 1500 Questions

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I bought the fuel filter in autozone but when got to the bottom of the SUV I don't see it any where.
around the frame, nop
around the tank, nop
around the driver side (front and back) nop
around the engine ,nop
around the passenger side, nop
I need help, the truck is working perfect, but I just don't want to wait until too late.
I am trying to locate the box that operates "OnStar" in my vehicle.
Check engine light keeps going off code P300 & p0172 & 175, I have replaced the spark plug wires, coil and spark plug for the number 3 cylinder. The light stayed off for about a week, which is the longest it has stay off in 3 months so I thought I had it fixed, but this morning it went off again. Same code
Truck will turn over but not start if fuse is out. Dome Lights come on and warning tone randomly sounds while driving as if door is open.
The problem started yesterday morning, I try to start my vehicle and it won't start, I can not use my clicker to lock or unlock my doors, my windows, power locks, radio, and gauges are not working either, and all of a sudden at about 10:00 p.m. I accidentally hit my clicker and it works so I go to start my vehicle and it works, but when I tried this morning it not working again its doing the same thing.
ive have change the driver side wheel hub were i here most of the noise and the noise is still there is it something eles i should be looking at
Front heater blower does not come on, rear heater works fine. I can adjust the blower speed however blower never comes on. All the fuses look fine.. what do I need to check next.
I have noticed a very annoying ticking noise in my vehicle and was told it could be the motor knocking or an exhaust leak from the motor, it isnt as loud as a knocking motor...

Thank you
I had the elect checked it stated running rich
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