2004 GMC Yukon XL 1500 Questions

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Chicke eng light always on
When it acts up it starts off in 3rd gear engine light comes on codes are for the electrical sensors but if you reset the codes it drives and shifts fine, and if the engine light is on going though the gears manually works fine, electrical I know but where to start?
The problem happens everytime i drive it. The battery goes dead fast . Maybe it might last 2 to 3 weeks. It also makes a sound like a transformer [ like the cartoon when they change into something else. When making a sharp turn it shakes . It doesn't matter left or right. There are 24 inch rims on the vehicle. Thank you.
There is no power to the control located on the back,of the consol and the entire rear system is dead. The front blows cold perfectly. I see no codes. No,response from the fan control either in the roof control.
Making clicking noises when Im driving it, & when I put it in reverse.
What can I do to fix it
I lost power to driver side door I haven't checked fuse yet or is this another problem and what fuse goes to the door it was just working
Or is this another problam
I've reset actuators and it blows heat out of front for 2seconds then blows cold air new water pump thermostat bled air out I've had the dash out I just can't seem to figure it out it acts like the ac is on but its not its 9above zero here and the back of Yukon won't heat the whole vehicle. Is there a actuator that switches hot to cold the actuators seem to work it switches through all functions good just don't get hot air and the blower dose work
Feel it is not fuel pump because it starts and runs fine on 2nd crank. Is there a check valve that keeps pressure on line?
reluctanat to replace fuel pump as feel it maybe something else
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