2003 GMC Yukon XL 1500 Questions

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Replaced the starter and battery when turning the key the lights come on but nothing happens.
it continues to run when not cranked runs a while then turn off what will correct and will this run the battery down.
Should I bite the bullet and R&R for $3500 or diagnose for possible trans cooling line obstructions??
The fuel pump was replaced in my Yukon 2 weeks ago. Today it will crank but will not start. I have 1/2 tank of gas and can smell gas getting to the fuel injection.
i have a 2003 yukon 1500 xl slt. the A/C is not working the problem is when i had a flat tire it broke some a/c line and let go all the freon. right side back tire.
Does anyone know how many pitman arm are in the yukon xl?
Service 4wd is on the display screen sometimes. My truck also starts in a different 4wd setting almost every time I start it. I can sometimes switch it to 2wd by putting it in neutral and holding the break, I can hear it shift. But sometimes It don't work and I have to shut the truck off and start again. This happened a few years ago and I paid to have the modular replaced only for it to happen again a few months later. I'm at a loss. I love the truck and an giving it to my husband for his first vehicle but I need it to be working fully. Any suggestions?
Had brakes pads repaired/rotors turned 2 days later. Codes were reset. Ten miles later both warning lights came back on----What's up?
fuse burns. Put 25 amp fuse in and lights work but it pulls the engine down, altenator, don't want to burn up the wires, seems like a dead short, where?
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