2001 GMC Yukon XL 1500 Questions

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The hose is black and close to the tailpipe. One end connects to a clamp which goes comes down out of the truck. The other end connects to a metal line about halfway under the truck in the middle. What is the name of this pipe?
I took my yukon to have it smogged and it passed but did not pass the visual due to missing air injection pump, took it to have it fixed and was told it does not require one, that only some models do
And there have been times when I pull out the keys, think the car is turned off and it's not because the battery ultimately dies and the next morning I have to jump my car (if there's another around).
I washed out the rad and condenser and added a large electric fan to insure air flow. the syst reads full.
It kick on, still won't start
I need to get back to town to have this fixed. Is there a way to get it to transfer back to 2 wheel?
Both switches on driver and passenger side do not work but my key fob does for all door locks. This is the only way to lock our GMC unless we do each one manually. I've check all fuses and they seem to be fine, however, I cant find a fuse that says "doors". I wouldn't think it would be a fuse if they key fob works to lock and unlock the doors. Any suggestions?
it appears dirty and sets codes: P1221, P1515 and C0298
Pump keeps running after car is turned off and key is out. I've had to undo the battery so it doesn't go dead.
The key came out fine, need to know what somebody thinks what is wrong!?
We figured that the AC Clutch is not spinning or engaging. The belt is simply spinning around it. We believe the compressor is still good just the clutch needs replacing. Does this sound accurate and about how much would this cost to fix at a shop as to doing it myself.
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