2008 GMC Yukon Denali Questions

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When attempting to set speed control the light on the steering wheel comes on bu it will not set speed to desired limit. I am using limits above 45 mph
Since January 1 i put the cd or dvd and is telling me the disc error..i put new cd and clean the cds but steel telling me (Disc AND ERRORS)????
front axle wheel bearings only
the back door isn't automatically closing it starts, when it reaches half the way in reopens.
the plug to the bulb is melting
this has happen twice and the last time I soldered the connection but still melted plug
Cannot lock locks with either the remote or using the lock button on the control area. Also, started truck and shut off. Motor stopped but all dash lights and radio remained on. Running boards and mirrors do not work either.
We already instal update from acdelco sps section new instal programming of HVAC module,Body control module, and Engine control module. Still the same problem
I can turn engine on at times and my gauges will not work----other times it does work. Called dealer and they had no definitive answer.....bring it in it'll probably be $500.
Ever since I got my tires rotated there is a squeaking sound as I accelerate. Sounds like it comes from front drivers side. I can only hear it between 0-25 mph. Also since then , although this isnt really a big deal, my tire pressure info on dash is flip flopped ...front tires l&r are now actually drivers side front n back...and rear tires l&r are actually passenger side front n back...
there are only two screws and no socket or other release that i can find
Recently, my cruise control only worked when it was warm.
Now, the cruise control light is on but the cruise control isn't working?
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