2007 GMC Yukon Denali Questions

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I have a 07 GMC Yukon Denali 6.2 so when I’m driving on the freeway accelerating from 40 I have a hesitation when accelerating and I’m losing oil pressure at the same time and it gives me the p0011 code has anyone had the same issue?
I put feon back in all it came out on rear shock on right side
I was driving at 70 mph and car started shaking,stabilitrak light and engine light came on,weve owned vehicle only a month with 6k down so were invested in this vehicle,is there a lemon law that the dealer has to repair this since its only been a month at the most,and if not how much am i looking at, the shop said they have to ruin diagnostics on it first that will cost around 275 just to find out problem,we are on vacation stranded,took a 200 dollar taxi to room,somebody give me some advice please,my email is the vehicle is not under warranty so its all out of pocket so do i have any leverage on nt...please help the dealership fix what they sold me 3 weeks ago,how much am i looking ta if they wont pay for it...
Just started about a month ago
Gas Guage worked fine and was always accurate until I changed the fuel pump out and now it isn't working at all
my gears is shifting.
rear access window keeps popping up every time i take off the alarm or i open the back door
And it say reduce engine power what does this means
The headlights won't go off and it just started this morning.
Occurs almost daily. Have replaced rear & front shocks & struts replaced shock absorbers & all ball joints and control arm, stabilizer bar, in March 2015. Also replaced Susp Air Compressor not sure what that is (A/C?)also have new tires & oil pump.
Had it serviced, stil goes off. What say u?
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