2006 GMC Yukon Denali Questions

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We were shopping, went into store and came out and XM completely vanished from radio. Then we get home and next morning we come out and the car is completely dead. Battery very low but its brand new. Need help
How long have you had this problem? just started 8-19-17
Battery Checked OK needed new alternator installed. next day went out to start and no nothing. Shop took it back and checked everything said no problems. Brought it home next day not start.
I have had problems with the seat heaters just come on and off for about 20 minutes. does not happen all the time.
What is this? what does it do> why is the light on?
The unlock sounds like it's working , can't find anything to manually open gate
I have a 2006 GMC Yukon XL Denali
you can touch buttons and they don't turn on. both front passenger and driver side. along with back seat heated seats.
the light with the little person sitting in a seat with air bag in front of it. has been on since I purchased the car.
comes on. if i disable the traction stability function it dosen't happen.
tried the switched in driver side and checked the fusses
Could it be the master cylinder
Breaks going to theffloor
Looks like I have the same issue as many others...electrical. My battery keeps getting drained by something. No one can figure out. I will get off a 13 hr shift, car starts up fine. Drive to market, shop, car starts, drive to gas station, fill tank, car dead. Random dying. Was told last year it was my dvd player. Took the fuse out and it seemed to be ok. Now it's doing it again. Last week it was in shop for 2 weeks, they replaced battery so it won't do it. Ugg. Today ABS light flashing and beeping, "service stability" flashing and car is trying to stop as I accelerate. Completely unsafe! Unplugged fuse to ABS and I can at least drive. So frustrated!! Replaced battery 6x, alternator 2x....not to mention transmission at 85,000 miles. Will NEVER buy another!
Won't lock from the inside or the keyless
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