2005 GMC Yukon Denali Questions

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No sounds---The compressor does not cycle.
The rear door on our 05 Yukon Denali has stopped locking. If we get it to lock then it will not unlcok. What might cause this.
Drove my 05 Denali one day and the next day it wouldn't start turns over about 6-12revolutions and stops then again and stops changed crank sensor and still no spark what could it be
The driver seat will not warm and the lights on the buttons to push don't light up when I push them to turn on seat warmers.
wont restart till coll down .keep getting u1096 code loss of commuication instrument cluster .
It won't work the radio does work at the navigation CD when I come out when I hit the eject button
Says stability sys disabled since I changed rear brakes and rotors, has never said that before, what happened?
My front left tire pressure sensor had malfunctioned and is not reporting the pressure. What steps are required to replace the sensor?
AC blows on floor and windshield but does adjust to chest level.
Vehicle makes loud clunking noise and vibrates really loud. I assume it's the u joint rear shaft but I'm not sure. I wonder what the cost will be too. This occurs every time I drive it. It actually seems like the vehicle is going to fall a apart
During rapid acceleration, engine initially stalls, then accelerates. Is it bad fuel, dirty fuel filter, or what? I can't find common agreement that the 2005 gmc has a fuel filter.
It will stay on max 80 for 20-30 seconds, then drop to 0 for 10-15 seconds, and keep repeating this pattern. Engine light has come on as well.
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