1999 GMC Yukon Denali Questions

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its under the dashboard on driver side and also hooked up to the security system?

Car has ran fine until now. I dont know if its a bad fuel pump or electronic module? Any help?

they are starting to fall apart and the rains are coming soon.

the speakers are blown out, what speakers do I need?

I'm not sure if the denali I bought used, has all the cats it's supposed to have. I live in Cali. and am having a hard time smogging it. Thank you in advance for your help

Tried to make to get gas, cut off at light didn't make it no gas. I then

When readiness monitors reach 100% ready, ses light comes back on and throws codes po420&po430.could timing issue throw these codes or does it have to be bad cats?

I've repaired & replaced many parts,to find later those parts were not even it failed emissions part of smog do i test the cats so I don't waste more$?

Started upon and performed good and then after few days did it again.

I have replaced the relay with no luck. I had planned on changing the multi function switch but I have read it is only the issue if it is clicking. Mine is not. Any other ideas. I have checked all the fuses as well.

If I hit a bump or hold the window button and tap the center console they all come back on do they have a common ground what is the common denominator in the center console for all three?

Driving home, it started to sputter. Made it home then it wouldnt start. It turns over but doesnt start. Someone told us it could be the anti theft system.