2010 GMC Yukon Questions

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Recently got an oil change and a new battery no when I hit a bump or press the brakes paddle the radio changes station
I'll be driving down the road and I'll have flashing stability track is I think disabled I'd have to ask my husband & the traction control is disabled engine power is reduced so the vehicle reduces speed to 40-35 mph. Has anyone else experienced this?
twice recently, the fuel gauge has read just at a 1/4 of a tank and then dropped to empty as soon as i turn the car off. i have read of this happening in older gmc yukon models, but wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem.
ive had several different messages come up. I had Onstar run a diagnostic on it and was in my way to a dealership and it cleared off. If it's not showing anything they don't know what's wrong. And have there been any recalls on yukons slt?
no start as a result of weak battery, new battery installed , but no crank. NO COMMUNICATION TO SCANNER in Global OBD11 WITH CAN communication cable,and key #20
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