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My heater fan stopped working, Rear heater fan works fine. Controls & fuze fine. Had some intermittent problems, a delay after turing on, but now has stopped
I was shifting gear to back up and suddenly was not able to shift gear and the gear shift lever seems loose and will not shift to any other gear and seems to be stuck in drive
I have a 2008 GMC YUKON SLT 4WD V8. I am having trouble with my fuel gauge. It will say I have 1/2 a tank then I can drive just a few miles and it sais empty. For example I had 123 miles left till empty last night. Today it sais 34 miles and the low fuel light is on. I don't know what to do. My husband and I just bought this car 8 months ago
My abs traction and stability lights stay on
Do you think the coolant needs replaced 119,000 miles
left front fender is dented and needs to be replaced
i was told to replace the whole fuel pump system.
Passenger side headlight bulb replacement
I have a 2008 yukon and I had trouble with the electric door locks since just before the warrantie expired however since it was not the front ones we never realized it untill slightly over the warrante period.So by the time I saw The GM dealer and explained I was out of town at the time of my discovery and there stand was that it was out of warrantie by about 200 miles.GM representative told me they would repair the faulty actuators 3 of them where bad by that time I went to the dealer who in turn said that for $100.00 they woul repair them and I agreed with it. Now the passenger door side is defective and I would like to get some info on how to remove the interior door panel so I can access the actuator. I am tired of paying for such items that should have been a recall in the first place. Thank you Regards....Joe
I would like to know how to remove the inside door trim so I can get at the door lock actuator on my 2008 yukon. I have had 3 replace already obviously a defective part that should have been a recall but GM won't do nothing about it. This started just before the warrantie was over however it started acting in a funny way as, sometimes it would work and other time it didn't and god only knows how many times my doors were left unlopcked thinking that they were.I am tired of having to pay and leaving my vehicule for a whole day having to bring it in and pick it up so I have decided to do it myself. so if anyone out there caan give me some poiters on how to safely remove the front door panel I would appreciate it. Regards.............Joe
I have a 2008 yukon and the door locks keep failing to unlock the doors I have replaced three of them to date and now the front passenger side one is on the fritz. I was wondering if anyone knows how to take the inside door trim of so I can change it myself as GM won't fix them. Joe D
Need to repair airbags from driver side window, 2nd and 3rd seat windows. Passenger side also. Total of 6 airbags. How much will this cost?
Is GMC required to fix the driver seat belt if the buckle does not go into the latch. The latch is broken inside the unit. Its a 2008 with 36,700 miles. They are telling me its not covered but I have a friend thats telling me because its a safety issue and only 2yrs old they are required to fix it. Any input would be helpful.
I'm a Canadian but using my Clearwater Fl., Zip Code because I don't where the site is to register my complaint in Canada. I have owned GM product approx (30)since 1978 along with a few cadillacs one of which I ordered brand new from the factory.This one leaked oil on new garage floor from day one and GM dealer never fixed it. I took it back about 6 times and to no avail they even said they did a dye test on it. I ended up in small car mechanic shop only to find out the wrong pan gasket was installed on it from the factory. I now have a 2008 yukon slt and at 37000 km one of my locks in the back stopped working completely and of course I only noticed that that was happening because i thought that it was myself not pressing twice and doing something wrong and would press again and it would work. I was told that it was no longer under warrantie after 30000km. At 72000 the second door lock unit started to give me a problem same of the first one sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.The only thing now I am smart enough to know after the last experience.I hate to think of how many times my yukon was left unlocked while thinking it was. It is hard to imagine that GM won't step up to the plate and admit there is a problem and that the equipment is faulty. God only knows when the day will come when I can't unlock the car at all from the outside.This should be classified as a security issue and could prove fatal in the event of an accident needing to exit the vehicule fast by all 4 doors.all I have to say is that I have been a lot more loyal to GM than they have been to me. This is the straw that broke my confidence in the product. I don't want to go back to the dealer to be told the warrantie is over and I don't want to give them the satisfaction of paying them $100.00 an hr for a faulty part.That's being taken as a sucker. If GM only warrantie their entry mechanism for 30000 km then I don't want the product anymore. I am almost due to trade and I guarantie it is going to be another car maker. I can write a book on problems I encountered through the years as a business man and no time to fight back in many instances. How do I access the rear door mechanism.
My 2008 Yukon is starting to squeel. I am assuming that the brakes need to be changed. Should I have both the front and rear brakes changed at the same time? I know that you have to remove the air from the lines, is there anything else you have to do after the brakes are replaced? My husband is having a buddy replace them and I want to make sure nothing is forgotten or skipped. Thanks so much! Sue =)
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