2006 GMC Yukon Questions

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It makes a grinding, louder than if it were pads it also feels like something is a loose and wants to fall from up under the car when I drive it
I be driving home from work & it jus starts slowing down. Service stability dhows on the dash. Cant push brake pedal at all. Can turn off & restart & its fine.
Pops regaless of turningor not tturning
Can you advise what might be causing this issue (relay)
All doors will lock but I can't lock the back hatch door form the main door or from the keyless
One day the remote control did not unlock my top or bottom locks. However, the front and rear doors unlock fine. What are some possible solutions?
The check engine light is still on, what is the next step.

Tires also are losing air in one tire. This happens alot when a bump is hit or come to a stop or turning the steering wheel. Also the check 4 wheel drive light just started coming on and it has only happen once so far.
my rear diff is new and that is not where the noise is coming from. i hear a whirring or howelling noise under acceleration and decell also.I jacked the truck up and placed tranny in neutral and spun the rear wheels turning the driveshaft and herd a dry brushing/squeeking noise from transfer case/tranny aera. the trans shifts good and has clean fluid. the truck has 100k on the clock.can you help me diagnos the noise ?

oil is at the right level
fuel filling stop every one letter due to air is not relieved from the tanks during fuel filling
I am assuming that the axle must be removed prior to replacing the rear axle seal and this will not affect the axle bearing in the housing . can anyone tell me if it is a C- Clip axle or floating axle in the differential?
rear hatch will not open/close electrically. motor runs but nothing happens.
rear hatch lift gate and window will not unlock or open
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