2004 GMC Yukon Questions

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Barely starts , & that light is on , 2004 yukon ,but not all the time !
I had the rear main seal replaced and it's still going through a quart of oil every two days.
How long have you had this problem? Three weeks
it has a short
I get codes po 171 and 174. Changed mass air filter but engine light came back on.
door locks not working
A ticking noise when starting up
Left work truck was fine stopped at store came out started it up and I lost powersteering and brakes are hard. Thats when i seen the return hose to the gear box was off. I replaced the power steering pump and the Hyrdro-Boost. Tried to bleed the hydro-boost but nothing comes from the return hose. I believe there is high pressure on both sides of gear box not allowing flow or there is blockage in line or a seal has failed somwhere. Please help.
Battery is good. electric door looks don't work, radio gets hot
My gauges are not working properly and the service man from GMC said it was due to a wire shortage for the cluster. Does a fule gauge sending unit work along with the cluster? My warranty said they will not cover a cluster but my fule gage does not work along with the other gauges?????
i was driving one day and my truck just turned off and wouldnt restart
Fuel cap? Ground at the PCM? How do I check it?
raw fuel smell coming from driver's side rear whell well area. No signs of wet fuel no trouble codes.
Please dont tell me its in the tank
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