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I have an 03 yukon. When went to start it this morning when it was pretty cold outside. It struggled to start due to the cold, but once I got the car started, many random electrical components quit working.

1. gas/battery/oil pressure/ engine temp gauges quit working. Speedometer and tachometer work fine.
2. The power locks and windows quit working. Keyless locks stopped working (worked right before I started it)
3. The ABS/ battery and airbag lights stay on after the car was started.
4. Overhead light does not turn on when the doors are opened. or turned on from the dash. They will turn on with the switch by the light.
5. Radio works, but it will not turn off when the door is opened after the car is turned off.

I checked all the fuses and everything is good there. Car starts just fine. Any ideas? Thanks
It was driving fine then it wouldn't go please help me
When ever i run my a/c or pull my boat my engine starts to run hot ..i change my water pump and all belts and thermostat ..cooling temp sensor and all hoses ..and was told air might be in system but had that looked at also ..if i sit in traffic or stop at lights it runs hot as soon as i start again or turn a/c off it returns to normal temp .. I even run dexcool as directed
Leaking oily like fluid and steering wheel top points to the left but vehicle drivers almost straight
It just started one day truck was running great and then it felt like I was running out of gas and had to be towed home the check engine light went off once and drove good again and the it started up.but when push gas it sputtered and back fired
I have replace the plug wires the timing cover gasket the front seal the rear seal two coolant lines that were leaking on the number 3 plug on the right side of the motor causing it to fall out replaced at it's ran fine but it's been a week to the day and I have no oil in my truck already
Im trying to replace the radio (6 cd changer, bose, xm hookup) but when i took it out the panel, powercord seems to not be removable from the radio and feeds into the car. Does anyone know how to replace this type of radio? all the other online forums say it supposed to just come out
now I get a service 4wd message. tryed a switch and shift motor.Also blowing 4wd fuse somtimes.I can hear/ see my old motor move or try to. New motor does nothing, light blinks on old and new switch. Could it be the switch in front diff since I just changed it?
Possible grounding issues
could it be a sensor problem?
but wile crank back when fule is added what is making this happen and what do I need to do to fix it
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