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I had a mechanic replaced all new AC parts on my 2002 GMC Yukon. New compressor, condenser, accumulator, orfic tube and expansion valve. It's blowing warm air through the front vents and blowing cold air in the rear. Tech said the actuator and blend door are working properly. Can you please help? Thanks.
need to know if the tires will fit
no fuse panel cover to indicate location of brake light fuse
All doors are closed
is no check 4wd message and no can hear it trying to switch when you roll the window down.can you help me with this is it the actuator or transfer case switch motor that is bad
The cap has a lanyard that is attached to the inside of the fuel tank door opening.
Trying to find a way to remove it, so I can install a new cap.
he is redoing all the brakes
About a month ago, we replaced the car battery because it wouldn't hold a charge. Less than a year ago, we replaced the alternator. Now, with a month old battery and a all but new alternator, the battery will still die, 2-3 times a week, even though I drive it daily. Annoying. Nothing is left on, plugged in or anything. The only thing I did notice the other day when I was getting it jumped off, was even when the car was off and the keys were out, my air conditioner started blowing air. So, maybe its doing that in the middle of the night, and killing the battery? If thats possible, what could be the fix? TIA!
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