2001 GMC Yukon Questions

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where is the knock sensoe located on 2001 gmc yukon
The problem occurs always
I had my oil changed and now the engine knocks?? The oil level is good, but the noise just started. Could it be the lifter? And what will happen to the engine if I drive like this?
Replaced it and it still codes,, ground issue? something I missed? I assumed bank "B" is closest to the fire wall. Based on research,, but found no actual schematic,,,
Ac only blows out the defrost in front of vehicle
I'm a young mechanic and I really need this manual for Cummins QSD 2.0 engine, I can't find it anywhere. So please, who can give me a link to get it?
4wheel will not engage switch light flashes
I have chdcksd all the fuses i can find. It dont make any type of noise or motion whatsoever. Its a 01 yukon slt
It doesnt do it in any other gear or any other time. Put vehicle in reverse wait a split second and it clunks.

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