2000 GMC Yukon Questions

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Bought the truck used. Has no manual. Can’t figure out how to open the back glass
Sounds a little like somthing rubbing andtumpping sound on drivers front end
It's a 4WD, had brakes changed twice in less than 6 months. If it is the rotor, how much in parts am I looking at, less the labor.
I had a P0430 code show up about 2 weeks ago. About 4 - 5 days ago white smoke began coming out of the tailpipe. It was steam, no gas or sweet smell, and there was also water coming from the tailpipe and after I parked the car - water under the engine. I think it was water anyway. I've read that it could be transmission fluid, but when I went to check today the smoke has mostly subsided and there is no more water under the engine after I run it. The cars power has lessened, and the gears seem to be shifting late. The idle is also very slow to respond and after acceleration it returns to idle rpm's slowly. I have an Actron scanner and the following codes were generated:

Test $07
Mod $10
Max 00
Meas FFD3
Min ----
Sts Hi

Mod $10
Max 01
Min ----
Sts Hi

Test $OC
ID 20
Mod $10
Max AC
Meas F6D8
Min ----
Sts Hi

ID 30
Mod $10
Max 00
Meas 21E
Min ----
Sts Hi

The O2 sensors readings while the car was operating seemed like they were good = there was a wave like graph generated from both pre-cat sensors and a level reading for both post-cat sensors. There were times it was a bit "jumpy", but overall they were good it seemed. The fuel trim from the freeze data read:
ST FTRM11 = -3.1
ST FTRM12 = -3.1
LT FTRM11 = 4.7
LT FTRM12 = 3.1

I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out before I have to go to the shop.....which I may have to do anyway :( I'm a teacher and broke, go figure...... Thanks in advance for any help.
Why when i'am driving down the road my voltage meter flickers back and fourth, causing my lights to flicker also. Sitting at stop sign not so much. Also flickers when i use the power windows. Any help would be great.
It won't move when in 2 wheel drive.
The rear door catch for the locks on my 2000 GMC Yukon is preventng the door from closing. It appears that they both came down which is preventing the door from closing...leaving it ajar. Any recommendation.
The lights on the button selector are lit but when I push 4 high or low it stays in 2 high. Any ideas what to check? thanks
The compressor is only 2 yrs old.All the freon is gone. Do I need a new compressor? Will a new pressure sensor fix it? Isn't the sensor supposed to PREVENT this? Thank you. Bill
turn signals work fine until I step on the brakes. then the signs blink rapidly.
My 2000 GMC Yukon hesitates in the 1000 - 1500 RPM range when driving, but only when I am not accelerating. What could cause this? It runs fine otherwise, either below this range, above this range, or accelerating through this range...I am at a loss..
For some reason the truck is burning the heater fan/blow motor and resistor. After replacing it, it burned again and i found iced water inside.
Fail Code P0446A. Also need "New design hose harness Asm."
I see the part runs between $20-$50. Is it easy to replace yourself
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