1999 GMC Yukon Questions

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I just changed the starter as well as the fuel filter.the fuel pump turns and it starts when I put gas in the carborater but it won't stay on...
Even though I had the code erased. What else could be the problem?
Any idea what is causing this to happen? we have changed the oil the crank shaft sensor
And my door locks constantly keep trying to lock and unlock

I changed the rotor and distributor now the diagnostic says camshaft position, HOW DO I FIX IT
I did the relearn procedure and still no start
I did the 10 minute relearn, the light went out but still no start. I don't have the original key its a remade key but no chip.

It runs for a second then dies. It has spark and fuel.
I did it once with rtv silicon but it didn't hold now i have the right gasket
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