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All lights on my selector switch are lit, and my "Service 4WD" light came on after I replaced the belt tensioner assembly in my engine. I can't believe those things are linked, so something else must be wrong. The problem is I've only seen posts where NONE of the lights are lit on the selector switch, but on my truck ALL of them are lit.

I did confirm it happens every time it starts now, and I am able to drive it normally with no strange sounds or movements. I didn't want to drive it a long distance, though. About a year and some change ago my transfer case froze up, stopping my truck dead in its tracks in the middle of the street. It got replaced with a junkyard part, but I didn't have any lights or warnings whatsoever when that happened. I'm afraid to drive it now just in case a similar thing happens.
I have replaced head gaskets, checked valves and lifters and they are good. Replaced spark plugs, distributor cap and still get the code P0300 and no check engine light
All of a sudden
The noise happens when turning, parking and backing up. Seems noise is around torsion bars.
The 20amp fuse that powers the turn signals, brakes and back-up lights keeps blowing every time you put the car (1998 GMC Yukon) into to gear. How do you find out the problem and fix it?
Security issues?
After an attempted theft of our 98 GMC Yukon we had to replace the whole steering column. Now because of the pass lock system the security light stays on and shuts off the ignition after a couple of seconds. Will replacing the ignition fix the problem?
Noise Slows down at stops. Had the oil changed and water pump replaced. Then this tapping started. Taken to many different places no one knows.Any

suggestion? They have check transmission,fly wheel,and harmonic balancer. We are new to this area and don't know a good mechanic. But after trying 4 places still no answer. HELP!
replaced the transfer case switch on dash and still wont change any ideas
Before I bought it a month ago, it had sat for 3yrs. I need to be sure it's the Fuel pump before I spend my money. Coil and distributor are good. No loose plugs or anything.
gas leaks out in a couple of days. is there a coil in ceiling with fan for rear.
My system is empty and i need to know how much freon to put in.
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