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I can't figure out why I have no heat ...heater core is new and blower motor works but still no heat
when turning on defrost, heat, or ac with the 1 or 2 air speed on dial it makes a very loud noise and does not blow any air out. what do i need to have repaired?
it runs rough when idling, but runs great when I get going and going down highway. starts great. check engine light keeps coming on. I replaced injectors. replace mass emissions sensor. new fuel pump. new spark plugs and wires. still does it. 2 shops can't figure it out. any ideas. I have spent over 4k on this.
Oil looks like brown mud and truck has no pressure
During the winter I had heater on low and all of a sudden it turned up to high by itself. I couldn't turn it off for like a week and a half and then it stopped working. I am wondering what the problem might be, I checked the fuses and they were all good.
I've tried everything. Checked the fuel pump, spark plugs, and carburetor. When I try to crank it it tries to turn over but can't quite make it. Any suggestion on what to try would be great. Thank you.
It also stops when I let off accelerator the as I accell again its better.
Hear a banging noise when going over speed bumps or pot holes on front left. Shakes under braking, worse between 40-50 mph. And alignment off but just had it done at a shop and wheels balanced?
97 yukon 5.7l starts then dies right away, have spark and fuel and timed
Under hard acceleration spits n sputter s
97 yukon 5.7l starts for a few seconds then stops and won't start agen for a while. I got spark and fuel. Was Pullen a p1351 code but the icm is good. It's getting a 5.7v signal. On my dash my check gages light comes on and my battery light don't turn off
It doesn't happen all the time, but when you hit the brakes hard it does happen.
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