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Fuel pump relay burnt out and I put a new one but it has no power so car won’t start but if I run a hot wire over to the relay it works. What could the problem be or where should I start looking?
Okay, so this is the third forum I've tried, so hopefully third time's the charm. My problem is this: My 1996 GMC Yukon 4x4 selector lights (push button) all come on, including the Neutral light (even when the vehicle is not in Neutral). I have checked the fuses, I even swapped the 4x4 fuse for good measure. The buttons do nothing when pressed (no change in lights, no sound from underneath the truck, etc., so I'm thinking that this may be an electrical issue rather than mechanical).

Any help or at least a push in the right direction would be appreciated. I plan to turn this Yukon into a project mud/offroad truck, and obviously wouldn't get very far without 4x4!
I have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, the fuel relay switch, which gets really hot for some reason, changed the EGR valve. I took it into a mechanic and they thought it was a vacuum leak, and they said they checked it all and thought they found one. They called me and said it hasn't stalled and think its fine. Went and picked it up and I wasn't even a block away and it stalled as I was driving, had to pull over(keep in mind still has power, pulled over put in park then started it back up and it started. Drove it home no issues, drove it the next day and same issues..... Tried troubleshooting it myself again, looked at the vacuum diagram and it showed they had the hoses switch for the one going to the fuel tank. So I switched them, drove it for two days and it was fine. Then today it was back to same issues but much worse, just be driving along and rpm drop to 0 then it stalls out and have to pull over, sometimes it will start right back up, but today it just wasn't happening.... Any idea's, thoughts, would be greatly helpful, just don't have the money to take it into a mechanic, pretty good with vehicles and have worked on a few, but this one has me so confused.....
If let of the gas at times an re acclerate it will catch a gear. But other then that when first taking off it wont change gears an rpms really high
When taking off its not shifting gears idles real high. There is times it will shift if you let off gas an accelerate gas. An sometimes speedometer goes out of wack
changed gas cap twice, garage replaced vent valve but have code. Do not know where purge valve is located but saw evidence of leaking in the rubber gas fill hose from filler to gas tank. I think I need to replace the filler rubber hose.
fuses are fine, horn and wiring under hood are good, whats wrong?
I've changed my fuel pump n my 96' GMC YUKON and when I brake my gas hand goes down and when I accelerate the gas hand goes up. No matter up or down hill. Why is that?
Its gotten pretty dirty under there due to the leak when traveling and i think it might be affecting my starter because it wont start up correctly when turning the key it sounds like its going to start but then makes weird noise and shuts off. I noticed that when i halve turn the key and let it go like if i changed my mind about starting it, the truck instantly turns on with no problems. What puzzles me is how when turning the key all the way like it normally should it stalls i think i'm not sure what the right term is but i believe the oil is maybe affecting it. Sorry for such a long post new to this but i should would appreciate any help or ideas on fixing this its become such a burden.
Both front and rear speakers on driver's side will not work at all...How can I find out why without having to take the whole dash off? Please any help will be very much
How do I reset the idle??
How do you remove driver's side door panel
repair oil leak in the oil cooling housing

my oil gauge keeps jumping back and forth sometimes stays on 0 and then the check gauge light comes on when you hit the gas the check gauge light goes off.
how much will it cost to replace the flywheel
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