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I can press the break a couple of times then it goes to the floor then light comes on....
my truck sat for a little while i recently put it on the road it ran an drove fine i washed it the other day n since then the truck runs great shifts from first second smooth but won't shift into third and if it does its like its in neutral and check engine lights now on any ideas what it is an can a camshaft position soelinod cause this issue plzzzz help
25mph is when it starts swerving and by 40mph I can't keep it in a lane at all unless the steering wheel stays completely straight.
truck idles great but has a hesitation when shift into gear and apply gas, does it in reverse also ( light load = 1000 rpm ) goes away above 1000
truck idles great but has a hesitation when shift into gear and apply gas, does it in reverse also ( light load = 1000 rpm ) goes away above 1000
changed radiator put smaller one on . new heater core and 180 thermastat . still not that hot.and its even cooler on defrost than heat
im tryin to replace the entire shifter, underneath the hood and inside behind the dash and on steering column
i have a 700r4 trans out of a 92 yukon will this trans work in a 94 yukon that had a 4l60-e in it . i know it will bolt up just need to know abt the computer and the lock up converter on it and how to make it work .
down......I had a new compressor put in by a mechanic. A/C then worked on and off......replaced the condensor again he then said my a/c filter needed to be replaced. Which he did. Now, when I turn the truck off (after the a/c unit has been running), it makes a hissing noise coming from the passenger side for 10-15 seconds. They said that's normal when the a/c is shutting down. I think they are taking me for a ride!!! Please help......
Any suggestions or what I should say to them......
I have lost all power to anything that is wired through the steering column. Including Hazards, Ignition, HVAC, Radio, Windows and Turn Signals. I need a starting point before I give up and grab my multi meter and start at the battery and check the entire harness.
What are some of the best ways to test for a leaking intake manifold gasket. I have a miss during highway accerating. Thanks
My backup lights don't work. I've replaced the bulbs already and the problem is still there. I suspect the reverse switch is not working. Can't seem to find it though.
how can i fix this?? when i run the AC or the heater i can hear it working and slightly feel the air or the heat coming out but its not enought. Does this mean that i have to replace my blower or something else?
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