1996 GMC Vandura 3500 Questions

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Some of the Fuses are showing burnt; the 20 amp slot is damaged.
OK, I think I put engine oil in the hole that may be the vacuum reservoir. Now my 1996 box truck engine now screams/screeches and the rpg's seem to be going very fast. Why I think it is the vacuum reservoir is there is a black ball attached to hood that seems to line up perfectly to the hole/drain that I put oil in. How do I fix this? Where did that damn oil go? The box truck is so loud screaming. Help! Thanks, (Not blond but should be) Paula
Just started making a very loud screeching sound when I push to accelerate. But stops when I let up. I looked in the engine and it seemed hot. Transmission stick was very hot to the touch and I noticed small amount of smoke coming from the whole where that big black ball that is hooked to the hood lines up with. (Btw it that where the engine oil goes?) the only new thing is that I loaned the box truck and he said he put a quart of 10w30 in it because it was was to have 15w40. Would that cause the screaming sound??
work lights on dash light up
It just started. The engine is running fine. I got the fuel where I normally do. I added some fuel additive that is suppose to help. I also disconnected the battery for a hour to see if it would reset, but it didn't.
he can't find a wiring diagram and needs to know how to fix the horn.
please help ,i try a lot of mechanics, i don't what to give up !!!!!!
new oil, and new trans.
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